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The terms of use


1. The Code of Service of the National Library of Belarus (hereinafter referred as the Code of Service) is developed in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of librarianship, the Charter of the public institution “The National Library of Belarus” (hereinafter referred as the Library) and regulates relationship between the Library and its users in the field of library, information and bibliographic services.

2. The National Library of Belarus is the major state universal scientific library and the republican information, social and cultural center. The Library’s collections are protected by the Belarusian government as the most valuable object of historical and cultural heritage, in accordance with the legislation of Belarus. The Library’s information resources are available to all. Access is restricted to especially rare and important documents with a view of their safety, and also in the cases stipulated by the legislation.

3. The Library provides access to its information resources to legal persons, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless persons who are at least 16 years old. In exceptional cases, persons who are at least 14 years old are allowed to use the Library’s information resources on condition that they provide a passport and an application from their school’s administration.

4. Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless persons are allowed to visit the Library’s Social and Cultural Center. Children under the age of 14 are allowed to cultural and social events only when supervised by adults.

5. Users have access to library, information and bibliographic services in the Library’s reading rooms, through interlibrary loan and on the Internet portal.

6. The Library provides social and cultural services by arranging art exhibitions, excursions, holidays, sport events etc.

7. The Library provides the basic services as follows:

  • free of charge advice on book collections and information resources of the Library;
  • free of charge advice on information search;
  • free of charge delivery of documents from the Library’s collections for temporary use in the reading rooms;
  • delivery of documents or their copies by interlibrary loan;
  • access to electronic information resources.

The Library also provides other kinds of services, including paid services.


8. Each registered user gets a library card which provides access to information resources of the Library.

9. For the registration procedure one of the following identity documents is required: passport, or Belarus residence permit, or refugee card.

Additional required documents:
pupil card – for students of technical and professional colleges;
student card – for university students;
scientist certificate – for research workers.

10. A library card is paid. No discount available. In the event that a library card is lost or destroyed (curved, broken, scratched etc), or its chip or barcode are damaged, or in case that a user changes their name, surname or patronymic name, a user gets a duplicate library card. A duplicate card is paid as well.

11. A user must acquaint themselves the Standard rules of use of libraries in the Republic of Belarus adopted by the Belarus Ministry of Culture resolution № 28 of 5 August, the current Regulations and confirm their agreement to these terms.

12. Registration of a collective user (legal person) is carried out on the basis of a contract on information and library service provision.


13. A user can visit the Library or access its information resources online.

14. Users visiting the Library have access to a system of reading rooms varied by users’ education and profession, fields of knowledge and kinds of documents.

15. User service is performed in accordance with the given Regulations and other local rules defining the interaction between the Library and its users.

16. During the registration each user gets a consultation on reading rooms they need.
The General reading room serves senior pupils, students of technical and professional colleges, university students (except for graduating students), and specialists having certificates of secondary and technical education.
The Specialists’ reading room serves graduating students and certificated specialists including bachelors, post-graduates, seekers of a master’s or an academic degree.
The Scientific reading rooms serve candidates of sciences degree, doctors of sciences, scientists, research workers, heads of university laboratories, heads of university departments, university professors, and also sightless and visually impaired persons.
The Belarusian literature reading room, the Fine arts reading room, the Music and audio materials reading room serve graduating students of vocational schools and universities and certificated specialists, according to a reading room specialization.
The Manuscripts, old printed books and rare books reading room and the Dissertations reading room delivers separate kinds of documents (manuscripts including dissertations, rare books and old printed editions issued before 1830) on condition that a user has an application drawn up by a research institution.

16. The Periodicals reading room, the Visual materials reading room, the Limited circulation documents reading room, the Legal information reading room, the Documents of international organizations reading room, the Recent acquisitions reading room, and also the Information service division and the Internet Center serve all categories of users through delivery of documents from their deposit collections in all reading rooms of the Library.

17. Documents from the Library’s stock ordered by users are delivered to them upon presentation of their library ticket at delivery desks in corresponding reading rooms.
Particular kinds of documents (printed music, electronic, audio-and visual documents, newspapers etc)ordered from the Library’s stock are sent to a specialized reading room:

  • visual documents are sent to the Fine arts reading room;
  • newspapers are sent to the Periodicals reading room;
  • dissertations are sent to the Dissertations reading room;
  • printed music and audio-and visual documents are sent to the Music and audio materials reading room;
  • electronic documents are sent to the Visual materials reading room

18. In the event that a needed document is unavailable in the Library’s stock, a user can order and receive it from other Belarusian or foreign libraries through interlibrary loan.

19. In the event that a document is not available in the Library, the user can order it from other libraries of Belarus and other countries using the interlibrary loan.

20. Document delivery and paid service cease 15 minute before the Library’s closing time.

21. The work time of the Library: daily (from 1 September to 30 June):

  • Monday – Friday: from 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.;
  • Saturday, Sunday: from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m
In summer (from 1 July to 31 August):
  • Monday – Friday: from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.;
  • Saturday: from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.;
  • Sunday – the day off

A day before state holidays: from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The following reading rooms and divisions have a specific work time approved by the Director of the Library:

22. The Library doesn’t work on state holidays and on the Easter Day (both Orthodox and Catholic). On each last Monday of a month the Library is closed for cleaning.

23. In exceptional cases (governmental actions, functional disorders of information and engineering systems) the Library can change its work time. Notifications on any change are to be placed in advance on the Library’s Internet portal and information boards.

24. Virtual user service is carried out through the library’s Internet portal (


25. Users of the Library have a right to:

  • visit the Library according to its work time;
  • borrow documents from the Library’s stocks and use them in appropriate reading rooms;
  • get information about documents stored in the Library’s stocks through the system of catalogs, card indexes, databases and other library information sources;
  • get consultation on information sources search and document ordering;
  • get access to national and world databases and Internet information resources;
  • obtain documents or their copies by interlibrary loan, including through electronic document delivery system;
  • get the free one-time library ticket to visit the Library in the event that the permanent library ticket is unavailable at the moment. The one-time library ticket is provided up to 5 times a year;
  • extend loan period for borrowed documents on condition that their safety is guaranteed by the user and they are not requested by other users at the moment;
  • bring notebooks placed in special bags delivered at the Library’s cloakroom;
  • bring in the Library musical instruments in cases;
  • visit events held by the Library for its users;
  • leave minor children at the Library’s Children’s Room when visiting the Library;
  • get other kinds of services, including paid services offered by the Library in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • apply to the Library administration with suggestions and make complaints about user service.


26. Users of the Library must:

  • observe the Standard rules of use of libraries in the Republic of Belarus adopted by the Belarus Ministry of Culture resolution № 28 of 5 August, the current Regulations and other local rules of the Library;
  • observe the work time of the Library;
  • do the compulsory user re-registration in conformity with the terms defined by the Library. Users refusing the re-registration have no access to the Library services;
  • opportunely notify employees of the User registration section of any change in user’s published data, loss or stealing of the library ticket or the one-time ticket;
  • return the one-time ticket to the User registration section, in case of its loss or damage make entitlement payment.
  • leave overcoat, hats, notebook bags at the cloakroom;
  • leave umbrellas, bags, briefcases and other objects which size exceeds 30х30х20 cm at the locker;
  • provide for examination at the check-out counter bags, writing-books, cases and other objects before bring them in the Library;
  • use with care borrowed documents and other property of the Library;
  • notify a librarian in case of detection of any damages in borrowed documents;
  • keep silence, order and cleanness in the Library’s premises;
  • be respectful to employees and visitors of the Library;
  • in case of emergency (fire, accident, terrorist attack etc.) follow the directions of employees of the Library, security services and emergency management teams.

27. Forbidden:

  • passing the user’s library ticket to other persons or using another user’s library ticket;
  • taking documents away of the Library;
  • bringing to the Library any printed materials (books, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, graphic materials, printed music etc.), video equipment, book scanners;
  • entering the reading rooms with children under the age of 14;
  • wearing unclean clothing in the Library;
  • visiting the Library in a state of intoxication;
  • bringing animals to the Library, except for sightless and visually impaired persons with guide dogs;
  • damaging documents (tearing off or cutting off pages, making notes, underlining, tracing drawings and maps, writing on sheets of paper placed over a document etc);
  • making notes on catalog cards or taking them out of catalog boxes;
  • taking documents borrowed by other users without permission;
  • taking documents belonging to the Library to cafes, smoking-rooms and washrooms;
  • eating or drinking at the reading rooms;
  • using mobile phones or photo cameras in the reading rooms, filming or photographing documents from the Librray’s stocks or data displayed on monitors;
  • performing system operations inside the Library’s computer network, reinstalling software, unplugging technique, deleting and editing files created by other users;
  • placing advertisements, posters or other materials, doing commercial activity inside the Library without permission;
  • breaking the rules of public conduct;
  • smoking inside the Library, except of the smoking rooms.


28. Users damaging documents or other property of the Library (computers, office equipment, furniture, electrical equipment etc) are to pay damages in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

29. For non-observance of the current Regulations the user can be temporary banned from the Library.


30. The Library has a right to:

  • make supplements and changes to the current Regulations in accordance with established procedure;
  • to define use conditions and access mode of documents from the Library’s stocks and other information resources;
  • to define the amount of indemnity for damages caused by users in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • to set a term of banning (one month, three months, half a year, one year) to users having broken the current Regulations.

31. The Library must:

  • develop information resources, provide their safekeeping and rational use in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the field of librarianship and the Charter of the public institution “The National Library of Belarus”;
  • provide adequate conditions of work to users;
  • provide a high-level user service;
  • keep all users’ personal information confidential;
  • inform users on:
    • any changes to the current Regulations;
    • any changes to the work time of the Library;
    • all kinds of services provided by the Library.