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The new acquisitions reading room


1. This procedure was developed in accordance with the Rules of the National Library of Belarus, the Rules about information copying, the Rules on use documents on media data and determines the conditions of service for users in the New Acquisitions Reading Room (hereinafter – the Reading Room).

2. The Reading Room provides services to all users of the National Library of Belarus (hereinafter – the Library).

3. The user service includes consultation, access to the exhibition of new acquisitions, local electronic resources of libraries, information about new documents on data media, as well as additional (paid) services.

4. The Reading Room works on schedule:

Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.;

Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.;

Tuesday – the day off.

5. The exposition change is made every three weeks. To specify the date of exposition change ask a librarian at the Reading Room, or call (+375 17) 293 27 36.


6. Information about resources and services of the Library, reading rooms, rules and orders of service, algorithms of work with the local Library’s electronic resources are provided on user request by the on-duty librarian.

7. Information about documents that were on display in the last 6 months is provided on user request by the on-duty librarian of the scientific reading room.


8. Documents on open access can be freely used without disturbing their location. After viewing the documents must be put in special carts near shelves.

9. Pocketbooks, dissertation abstracts supplement to printed editions are delivered by a librarian on duty.

10. The number of documents on the user’s desktop can include no more than 10 items.

11. A user is responsible for all the documents taken to view or received to use. Receiving and choosing documents they should be reviewed and in case if there is any defects it must be said to a librarian on duty.

12. Documents from the exhibition of new acquisitions can’t be booked.

13. Taking away documents from the exhibition of new acquisitions without the permission of a librarian is prohibited.

14. Working with documents from other Library’s reading rooms is prohibited.

15. Bags, portfolios, baskets, packages and other things which size is more than 30х30х20 cm are prohibited. Please leave them in a check-room. Transparent document cases are allowed.


16. Information on new documents for data media is given as a bibliography (reading lists).

17. Documents on electronic media, including electronic applications to printed publications, are provided in the Music and audiovisual documents reading room. The order is made through the electronic catalog of the Library. Electronic applications for printed publications are ordered by the user at the circulation desk in a recommended reading room by filling in an order form, after changing the exhibition of new acquisitions.


18. Access to electronic information resources of the Library and the Internet is provided on user’s workstations allocated by the Library.

19. Access to the Internet resources is provided for scientific and educational purposes only.

20. The right of access to the Internet resources is provided by a library card, which the user is obligated to hand over to the librarian on duty in the reading room, before starting work on the Internet.

21. When working with electronic resources, it is inadmissible to perform any system procedures on the computer network or reconfigure the software.

22. To process information, you can use the MS Office suite of applications.

23. The preservation of electronic information is allowed only through the User’s Portfolio folder (hereinafter the Portfolio folder). Export of the saved information on different kinds of carriers is made on user request.

24. To work with your own electronic media, you can rent a carrel equipped with a PC. The carrels are located in the General reading room, the Scientific reading room, the Belarusian literature reading room, and the Dissertation reading room.


25.The Reading Room provides the additional (paid) services as follow: photocopying fragments of documents presented at the exhibition of new acquisitions and exporting electronic information, in accordance with the Price List of paid services rendered to natural persons by the state institution "The National Library of Belarus” (hereinafter the Price List).

26. A photocopy of up to 40 pages from the documents of the Library is carried out in the Reading Room. A photocopy over the specified volume is performed at copy points.

27. In order to fulfill the request for photocopying, the user must specify in writing the numbers of the pages to be copied.

28. Permission for removal documents for photocopying is given by the on-duty librarian, upon presentation of a library card. After making a photocopy, the user must return the documents to the on-duty librarian.

29. Printing of information from the Portfolio folder is carried out by the on-duty librarian in the New acquisitions reading room; data export to the user’s electronic carrier is performed by the on-duty librarian at the circulation desk in the Scientific reading room.

30. To print information from the Portfolio folder or export it to an electronic medium, the user must tell the librarian the name of the created file.

31. Export of saved information from the Portfolio folder is performed only after the media is checked for malicious programs (during the scan, files containing malicious code can be automatically deleted by the system. Copying of electronic information is not performed in the event when media can not be cleaned of malicious programs.

32. Payment for services is made by the user at points of payment, in accordance with the Price List

33. Paid services are unavailable 15 minutes before the closing of the Library.

The questions that are not settled in this Procedure can be solved by the user’s personal address to the head of the Library Service Division and the First Deputy Director for User Service and Ideology.