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Publishing production of the Library

Next issues are being prepared for release: collections Бібліятэчны веснік, Здабыткі and journal Бібліятэчны свет. We invite to cooperate researchers of book culture and specialists in the field of librarianship and information technology.

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Electronic publications 2019

Навагрудак. Наваградак. Новогрудок. Nowogrodek: старажытны горад у дакументах і матэрыялах/Navagrudak. Navagradak. Novogrudok. Nowogrodek: ancient city in documents and materials

Editor: I.V. Gradoukina

The CD contains (in the form of bibliographic, full-text, factual information) documents and materials devoted to the history of one of the most ancient cities in Belarus.

The publication was prepared jointly with the Ja. Karski Hrodna Regional Scientific Library, the Navagrudak Central Regional Library, the Department of Source Studies of the Faculty of History of the Belarusian State University, the National Historical Archives of Belarus as part of the applied research "Virtual reconstruction of documents and materials on the regional history of Belarus."

It is designed for researchers, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, ethnographers, librarians, employees of museums and archives, amateurs of the national history...

«Не пакідайце ж мовы нашай беларускай…»: да 180-годдзя з дня нараджэння Францішка Багушэвіча (1840–1900)/"Do not leave our Belarusian Language..." to the 180th anniversary of Frantsishak Bahushevich

Editor: N.L. Pratsko

On the occasion of the 180th anniversary of Frantsishak Bahushevich (1840-1900), a supplemented edition was prepared for the electronic resource on DVD “Do not leave our Belarusian Language ...” which was published in 2010 and dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the poet.

The electronic resource has been supplemented with up-to-date information over the past 10 years in 4 sections: "The Artistic Heritage of F. Bahushevich", "Publications dedicated to the life and writings of F. Bahushevich", "F. Bahushevich in fiction and art", "Perpetuation of the memory of F. Bahushevich. "


Слонім і наваколле праз прызму гістарычных дакументаў, паданняў, даследаванняў

Editor: I.V. Gradoukina

The electronic edition prepared jointly with the Slonim Central Regional Library, contains historical documents, works of local historians, ethnographers, writers of the 19th – first half of the 20th century about the ancient city of Slonim and its surroundings, as well as the corresponding scientific reference aids.

The publication is timed to the Day of Belarusian Written Language (Slonim-2019). Prepared as part of the applied research "Virtual reconstruction of documents and materials on the regional history of Belarus", it is addressed to researchers, teachers, students and graduate students, local historians, librarians, employees of museums and archives, and amateurs of the national history.