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Art exhibitions of  the National Library of Belarus

The library has a gallery complex which holds about 300 art works. The total area of all galleries is more than 2,200 square meters. The complex includes five venues:

The opening hours of the exhibition gallery complex correspond to the opening hours of the library.

To visit the galleries “Atrium”, “Labyrinth”, “Mobile Gallery” and “Rakurs” you must have the NLB reader card, or be a member of an excursion group, or have the pass of the "Social and Cultural Center". To join the library or receive the pass please go to the Reception and provide your identity document.

Entrance to the gallery "Panorama" is paid, the entrance fee is equal to that of the Observation Deck (except for exhibition opening ceremonies). Entrance for excursion groups is free of charge.

The library organizes a large number of events (including unplanned). Before visiting the art galleries it is advisable to learn more information about exhibitions. Contact phone number: (+375 17) 266 37 37.

Book exhibitions of the National Library of Belarus

Book expositions reflect the richness and variety of the National Library’s collections. The main criteria for selecting exhibits is their belonging to a unique half-million collection of national documents published in the territory of our country from the beginning of the 19th century to present day, as well as publications about Belarus, including foreign ones.

All kinds of document are on display: albums, books, brochures, leaflets, posters, etchings, cards from various collections of the library.

The book expositions are located at 8 exhibition spaces in the circular corridors on the 2nd and 3rd floors, with the capability of simultaneous exposing of more than 2,000 documents.

The exhibition are also located at the Book Museum and the reading room as follow:

  • Periodicals reading room (anteroom, 1st floor, room 106);
  • Anteroom of the official documents department (2nd floor, room 207);
  • Legal information reading room (2nd floor, room 207b);
  • Documents of International organizations reading room (2nd floor, room 207g);
  • Belarusian literature reading room (2nd floor, room 205);
  • Music and audio materials reading room (on the third floor, room 305);
  • Visual materials reading room (3rd floor, room 307).
  • Fine arts reading room (3rd floor, room 306).

Virtual exhibitions of the National Library of Belarus

Users have 24/7 access to virtual documents from the collections of the library. The virtual stands present books, reproductions, postcards, electronic documents etc. Information is structured in thematic sections.

Virtual exhibitions have a simple navigation with hyperlinks for easy moving between sections. Design is simple and user-friendly. Editions on display are provided with brief summaries.