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Reading rooms

The Library has 17 reading rooms which differentiate according to the field of knowledge, users’ educational level and kind of documents. The reading rooms hold 2 thousand places and are located on the three floors of the Library. All of them are fitted up with user workbenches, electronic delivery desks and up-to-date scanning, printing and copying equipment.

The reading rooms located on the first floor are designed for wide reader: the General reading room, the Periodicals reading room and the Interlibrary Loan and Documents Delivery Department.

The reading rooms on the second floor are designed for scientific and research work: the Belarusian literature reading room, the Dissertations reading room, the Scientific reading rooms, the PhDs’ reading room, the Legal Information reading room, the Documents of International Organizations reading room.

On the third floor there are the Fine Arts reading room, the Music and Audiovisual Documents reading room, the Manuscripts, Early Printed and Rare Books reading room.

Most reading rooms are combined into specific complexes with anterooms where delivery desks, shelvings and closed deposit collections are located.

Each reading room holds different number of user places depending on its type and expected quantity of readers. The General reading room and the Specialists reading room are the biggest in the Library.

The reading rooms are fitted up with special equipment: microclimate controlling system, lightning and workbenches. Besides, there are comfortable lounge places in the anterooms.

The Library’s reading rooms are fitted up with special equipment for physically impaired users.