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Music and audiovisual documents reading room

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3rd floor, room 305

The Music and audiovisual documents reading room includes a printed music room and an individual listening room where users can listen to audio documents and also work with video documents and multimedia Internet resources.
The reading room delivers documents from the main library stock and the deposit collection to university students, specialists in music as well as music lovers. Electronic text documents and multimedia documents on CD-ROMs from the library stocks are available to all users of the National Library of Belarus.
The deposit collection is available to all users, documents are delivered on request.
The deposit collection comprises printed music (over 45 thousand items) and audio documents (over 20 thousand items) including works by modern composers and classical Belarusian and foreign authors. Also the deposit collection includes thematic encyclopedias, dictionaries, scientific papers, manuals (the reading room contains over 5 thousand books on music) and music magazines (over 20 titles) published in the last 3 years.
The reading room is equipped with special devices for playing vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs. All sound recordings stored in the library are digitized and available for private listening on computers installed in the reading room. Visitors can play the piano or their own musical instrument in a special sound-proofed room.

Reference and search tools:

  • alphabetical catalog of music sheets;
  • classed catalog of music sheets;
  • alphabetical catalog of audio documents;
  • classed catalog of audio documents;
  • alphabetical catalog of video documents;
  • alphabetical catalog of books in the deposit collection;
  • subject card index;
  • card index of titles of vocal compositions;
  • card index of authors of vocal compositions.

Access to electronic resources

Additional facilities

  • classroom for individual music studies with the piano;
  • team work room (holds 17 places) with a mini system and special equipment (coworking room 305a)
  • carrels for individual work with video documents and multimedia Internet resources. The service is paid.
  • microfilm readers.

Additional services:

  • photocopying of fragments of printed editions;
  • copying of information from databases onto users’ data media;
  • copying of music compositions onto user data media (preliminary booking is required);
  • scanning of printed editions;
  • print of electronic information;
  • free of charge download of full text English-language electronic books from eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) onto user device.

The reading room hosts anniversary and thematic exhibitions.

The opening hours of the reading room correspond to the opening hours of the Library.

Terms of Use


Librarian on duty
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 27 52 (internal number: 77 52)
Head of section
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 27 89 (internal number: 77 89)
Head of the Special Collections Service Department
Теl.: (+375 17) 293 27 02 (internal number: 77 02)