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EBSCO Discovery Service

EBSCO Discovery Service – general service of search and access to electronic information resources of world producers.

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Benetech’s Bookshare e-book library is intended for visually impaired users and includes both fiction and non-fiction, educational and children's literature in adaptive formats. More than 7.5 thousand e-books are available for reading and listening.

The languages of publications are English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi.

Cambridge Journals Online (Full Package)

The multidisciplinary full text database of the Cambridge University Press, one of the oldest university publishing houses of the world, represents 384 peer-reviewed scientific journals on economics, business, politics and international relations, law, science, medicine, ecology and the environment, history, literature and arts. Many magazines have a high impact factor and fall into the first quartile of their subject area, for example, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Acta Numerica, Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics and others.
All documents are in English.

East View

The database package contains electronic versions of the most prestigious journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences on social sciences and humanities, literary journals, periodicals on military issues and security issues; news tapes of world news agencies; full texts of central and regional newspapers of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the CIS and the Baltic countries.
Users of the National Library have access to the full-text collections as follow:

  • Publications on social sciences and humanities;
  • Publications on defense and security issues;
  • Science and technology in Russia;
  • Publications of the CIS member-states and the Baltic countries;
  • Publications of Ukraine;
  • Librarianship and information service;
  • Bulletins of the Moscow State University;
  • Central press of Russia;
  • The Pravda newspaper, a complete electronic version (1912–2018);
  • The Literaturnaya Gazeta newspaper, a complete electronic version (1929–2018);
  • Russian regional newspapers;
  • Russian national bibliography including annual updates 2018;
  • Publications on pedagogy and education.

Russian national bibliography is a bibliographic database of the Russian Book Chamber about all printed publications, issued in the Russian Federation.

The publications are in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

EBSCO Complete

The all-purpose database package of the EBSCO Publishing company contains information on exact sciences and humanities, law, economics, business, medicine, history, art and others. The databases present peer-reviewed scientific journals, many of which have a high impact factor, monographs, conference proceedings, research reports, reference books.
Currently, the National Library of Belarus provides access to 12 databases:

  • Academic Search Complete: the full text database containing all-purpose scientific articles;
  • Business Source Complete: the full text database on business;
  • ERIC: the full text database on education;
  • Green FILE: the full text database contains scientific and popular works on all the aspects of human impact on the environment;
  • Health Source – Consumer Edition: the full text database on public health containing educational information for a wide range of users;
  • Health Source: Nursing / Academic Edition: the full text database containing digital versions of scientific journals on medicine for specialists;
  • MEDLINE: the full text database containing articles from scientific and popular scientific journals on medicine, nursing, stomatology, veterinary medicine, public heath, preclinical sciences etc.;
  • LISTA: the bibliographical database containing bibliographic records and abstracts of books, articles in reputable journals, research reports and other materials on librarianship and information services;
  • LISTA with Full Text: the full text database containing digital versions of reputable journals, books, research reports and other materials on librarianship and information services;
  • Master FILE Premier: the full text database containing texts of reference books, archival documenst, biographies of outstanding persons; thematic illustrations: photography, reproductions, maps, banners etc.;
  • Newspaper Source: the full text database containing articles from the central newspapers of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and other countries; selected articles from the US regional newspapers; full versions of transcripts of television and radio programs aired in the USA;
  • Regional Business News : the full text database containing articles on business from regional newspapers and branch journals, transcripts of radio and TV news aired in the USA.
EBSCO Ebook Collection
The EBSCO e-Book collection contains about 3,500 works of world’s fiction and scientific literature, reference books and popular scientific publications, issued from 1611 to 2011 in the field of medicine, exact sciences, natural sciences, engineering and humanities. The database includes the publications, which have been digitized within the framework of the international project “Guttenberg”, as well as electronic books of Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Sage Publications, Springer and other publishers. An online English dictionary is available.  Users also have the ability to   read online, download books to mobile devices, save backup files etc.

The largest in the Russian Federation electronic library contains full text and abstracts of journal articles in the field of science, technology, medicine and education. The resource provides users ample opportunities for relevant information: search by subject, GRNTI classification, keywords and phrases using Boolean operators, and others.
Users of the National Library have access to sets of 91 journals on humanities and economic sciences, law, sociology, pedagogy, and a collection of periodicals on linguistics. The integration with the Russian Science Citation Index allows you to determine the publication activity of researchers and organizations.
All documents are in Russian.

Emerald Backfiles

The full test database on the search platform EmeraldInsight contains the archive of more than 120 titles of journals published by the Emerald Publishing. Subject matter: business, management, librarianship and information services, material science and engineering.
All documents are in English.

Emerald Management eJournals Collection 

The full test database on the search platform contains digital versions of peer-reviewed journals on management disciplines of the world known publisher Emerald Publishing. Expert opinions, recommendations and reviews are available as well.
All documents are in English.


The electronic library contains digital versions of specialized journals and books of the Grebennikov Publishing house  on management, finances, human resources. Authors – professional experts, directors and top managers of large companies, scientists, professors and graduate students – cover a wide range of topics: strategic and personnel management, financial analysis, sales and project management, investment planning, tax planning, Internet marketing, advertising and other.
Also users have access to relevant information on major world trends in business from the world-known publishers, companies and universities (Elsevier, Emerald, Harvard Business Review, University of Chicago Press, American Marketing Association, etc).
Chronological coverage of publications is from 2004 to present day.
All documents are in Russian.

The database contains full texts of over 300 peer-reviewed scientific journals published by the Oxford University Press on natural and social sciences, humanities and medicine. The collections includes the journals Nucleic Acids Research, Brain, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Oxford Economic Papers, Review of Finance and Colitis, London Review of International Law, British Journal of Criminology etc.
The publisher cooperates with influential academic and professional communities. Results of research projects and programs and articles of prominent scientists, including Nobel laureates, appear in the pages of magazines most of which are included in the scientometric databases Web of Science and Scopus, and have a high impact factor.
The archive depth is over 10 years.
All documents are in English. Обзор СМИ
The archive of important publications is being updated manually. The database features the headings as follow: 53 fields / 600 sources / 9 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and areas / main materials / articles and interviews of 6,000 first persons. One thousand news stories are published every day; full texts in Russian, one million best stories from news agencies and business media for the last 15 years are available. Search with settings is provided. Users have the ability to export hundreds of articles to Word in a single click. Internet services are provided by fields and countries. is available on all personal computers inside the library and on the intranet.
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

The database contains the full texts of over 3,9 million theses and abstracts on exact, natural, social sciences, engineering, medicine and humanities, including theses defended in the leading universities in 88 countries: the United States (97% of all theses defended in this country), the United Kingdom, the People’s Republic of China, as well as the states of Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Each year, the database receives more than 80 000 new scientific papers.
The database has a simple interface and the option of automatic translation of theses into different languages, including Russian.
The archive depth: since 1997.
Languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish etc.

Ebook Academic Complete

The database includes over 150,000 e-books from the leading academic publishers: Oxford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Publishing House, Harvard University Press etc.
Subject areas: education, fine arts, history, law, business, literature, medicine, linguistics, philosophy, religion, social sciences etc.
All publications are in English.

Springer Nature

The database contains electronic versions of more than 1,800 journals, as well as books, conferences reports and other types of papers published by the publishing house "Springer Nature" since 1837 in all fields of knowledge in various languages: natural and humanities, economics, computer technology, jurisprudence , mathematics, statistics, medicine, etc.

Web of Science Core Collection

The leading international multidisciplinary reference-bibliographic and scientometric database of scientific publications with Russian interface includes bibliographic data and citing on natural, technical, social sciences, humanities and arts: more than 13 500 journals with impact factor, more than 13 000 conference proceedings, 66 000 monographs.
 All publications are subject to rigorous peer review process. The source selection is carried out by independent experts.
The information contained in the database is a basis for assessing and predicting the level of scientific research in organizations, regions, countries in various subject areas, searching for potential partners for the international scientific and technical cooperation, making decisions on priorities for research activities.
Also the National Library of Belarus provides access to the databases Russian Science Citation Index and the Derwent Innovation Index.

Wiley Online Library

The database features a collection of 559 journals on social sciences and humanities. An archive containing 411 Wiley’s books and journals on social sciences, physics, chemistry, medicine, veterinary, agriculture, 1997–2007, is also available.

All documents are in English.


The software system "Anti-plagiarism" is designed for testing text documents for the presence of plagiarism and making reports. As a result it provides a ranked list of detected sources of plagiarism, as well as parts of a scanned document with marked unoriginal texts, that allows determining the degree of its originality.

Access to the database is open in the Theses & Abstracts reading room.


The basic collection of БиблиоРоссика, one of the biggest electronic library systems, contains the full texts of textbooks, manuals and guides on natural sciences, engineering and humanities. It includes over 14 800 editions of the leading Russian publishers of scientific and educational literature. Monographs, journals, Russian and translated prose of modern authors are available.
All documents are in Russian, English.


The analytical legal system includes the full texts of normative legal documents of the Republic of Belarus: laws, decrees, ordinances, resolutions, regulations, decisions of local authorities. Also the database includes international treaties, analytical and reference materials on accounting, taxation, pricing, personnel records management and labor legislation, non-normative documents on office work, instructions, examples and tables.
Texts of normative documents are received from the reference databank of legal information of the National Center of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus. Analytical materials are reviewed and processed by editors of Бизнес-инфо.
Information is structured in the following databases:

  • Legislation
  • Accountant
  • Economist
  • Lawyer
  • Human resources manager
  • Secretary
  • Construction
  • Labor protection specialist

Languages: Russian, Belarusian.

Access to the database is open in the Legal Information reading room.

Единый реестр административно-территориальных и территориальных единиц Республики Беларусь

The database contains information on 28 000 objects of administrative-territorial division of Belarus (regions, districts, rural councils, settlements) and areas of special use regime (national parks, nature reserves, nature monuments).
Information about each object includes a unique number, code according to the classifier "The system of designation of objects of administrative and territorial division and settlements," name, category and subordination, administrative center’s name.
Languages: Russian, Belarusian.

Access to the database is open in the Legal Information reading room.

Знаниум (Znanium)

The electronic library system features textbooks, monographs, abstracts, dissertations, encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books, special periodicals on humanities and natural sciences, economics, law, medicine, religion, pedagogy etc.

All publications are in Russian.


The electronic archive contains more than 500 million digitized materials from over 10 000 resources of the Russian Federation and the CIS member states: full text versions of central and regional media, works of Russian and foreign literature; results of analytical studies, catalogs of industrial products; the Rospatent documents etc.
The database is daily updated with over 40 000 documents including recently issued. The archive of some publications is up to 10 years.
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.


The complex of legal reference systems includes the entire spectrum of legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation: the electronic versions of normative legal acts of public authorities and national government bodies, explanatory legal acts, enabling legislation; comments and advice of experts. Texts of international treaties and agreements, documents of international organizations are presented as well.
All documents are kept up to date; both content and design are fully compliant with the originals.
Uses of the National Library of Belarus have access to the systems as follow:

  • СС Консультант Плюс: Материалы судебной практики: Белорусский выпуск;
  • ИПК Консультант Плюс: Беларусь. Эксперт;
  • СПС Консультант Плюс: Беларусь. Столица и области;
  • СПС Консультант Плюс: Версия Проф;
  • СПС Консультант Плюс: Документы СССР;
  • СПС Консультант Плюс: Международное право;
  • СС Аналитика для бюджетных организаций: Белорусский выпуск;
  • СС Деловые бумаги: Белорусский выпуск;
  • СС Консультант Бухгалтер: Вопросы-ответы (включая: Судебная практика для бухгалтера, Путеводитель по налогам, Путеводитель по кадровым вопросам Путеводитель по сделкам для бухгалтера, Бухгалтерская пресса и книги);
  • СС Консультант Бухгалтер: Вопросы-ответы: Белорусский выпуск;
  • СС Консультант Плюс: Аналитика по уголовному и административному праву Республики Беларусь;
  • СС Консультант Плюс: Комментарии законодательства (Постатейные комментарии и книги, Путеводитель по договорной работе, Путеводитель по судебной практике (ГК РФ), Путеводитель по корпоративным процедурам, Путеводитель по корпоративным спорам, Путеводитель по трудовым спорам, Путеводитель по госуслугам для юридических лиц, Путеводитель по контрактной системе в сфере госзакупок, Путеводитель по спорам в сфере госзаказа, Юридическая пресса);
  • СС Консультант Плюс: Комментарии законодательства: Белорусский выпуск;
  • СС Консультант Судебная практика: Решения высших судов (включая акты Суда по интеллектуальным правам).

Languages: Russian, Belarusian.

Access to the database is open in the Legal Information reading room.

МАРС (Межрегиональная аналитическая роспись статей)

The overall bibliographical database contains bibliographic records and abstracts to articles from more than 2 200 titles of magazines issued in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The circle of sources is constantly expanding and includes both scientific and popular scientific magazines.
The annual updating is more than 250 000 bibliographic records. Now it contains descriptions of more than 2 million articles on economics, law, engineering, physics, medicine, agriculture, history, culture and art.
The database user has the opportunity to significantly expand the range of sources on the subject in question, including the search for articles from regional publications, as well as publications issued by specialized educational institutions of culture and art.
Chronological coverage: from 2001 to present day.
Languages: Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English.


The legal information system contains the full text of all regulations of the Republic of Belarus coming in from the National Center of Legal Information; relevant information on the legal practice of the judiciary in the Republic of Belarus; exclusive analytical materials; reviews of all the latest changes in regulations prepared by experts-practitioners; forms of documents necessary for the exercise of professional activities of accountants, human resources practitioners, lawyers, labor protection specialists, environmentalists; background information (exchange rates, calendars, calculators, rates, indexes, ratios) and others.
Languages: Russian, Belarusian.

Access to the database is open in the Legal Information reading room.

СоюзПравоИнформ. Законодательство стран СНГ

The information-legal system contains electronic versions of laws currently in force in the CIS member countries. Also the database presents documents that reflect the inter-state relations between these countries in the frames of EurAsEC, the Customs Union and others. Documents issued in the national languages of the CIS countries have an official translation into Russian. A number of documents are accompanied by expert commentary.
Languages: Russian, Belarusian etc.

Access to the database is open in the Legal Information reading room.

Университетская библиотека онлайн

The electronic library system contains educational resources in Russian (full texts of textbooks, manuals and guides) on philosophy, history, political sciences, law, economy, natural sciences, information technology, cultural history, psychology, sociology, religion, study of literary and arts etc. The database also includes full texts of scientific and educational publications (monographs, collections, journals); classical works of Russian, German, English and American literature; reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias; illustrated publications on arts etc.
The constantly updated database includes more than 100 000 titles. Users have the ability to make notes in books, create bookmarks and comments, make abstracts and save them to external media, form a virtual bookshelf.
Languages: Russian, English, German.

ЭБС издательства “Лань”

The electronic library system contains digital versions of books of the publishing house Лань and other Russian leading publishers of educational and scientific literature prepared in cooperation with scholars and teachers. Subject-matter: mathematics, physics, engineering, chemistry, veterinary medicine, zootechnics, agriculture and forestry etc.

Users of the National Library of Belarus have access to the full-text collections as follow:

  • Музыка и Театр – Издательство Лань;
  • Деловая литература – Издательство Альпина Паблишер;
  • Психология. Педагогика – Издательство ФЛИНТА;
  • Языкознание и литературоведение – Издательство ФЛИНТА;
  • Социально-гуманитарные науки – Издательство Прометей;
  • Деловая литература – Издательство Манн, Иванов и Фербер;

All publications are in Russian.


The information legal system contains electronic versions of all normative legal documents adopted by authorities of the Republic of Belarus; international agreements; samples of contracts; reporting forms in Excel with autocomplete; weekly review of changes in legislation; indexes and rates, exchange rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, and also comments, advice, questions and answers for accountants, economists, lawyers, human resources specialists.

Languages: Russian, Belarusian.

Access to the database is open in the Legal Information reading room.

Электронная библиотека диссертаций Российской государственной библиотеки

The full text database contains electronic versions of dissertations and abstracts defended in the Russian Federation from the early 1990s to present day. The chronological coverage of theses and abstracts defended in other Soviet republics, including the BSSR, is from 1982 to 1985. The all-purpose collection includes over 900 000 full texts of scientific papers.
Languages: Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and others.

The access is provided in the Theses & Abstracts Reading Room.