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Library tours

Dear visitors! We offer the library tours as follow:

Call to book a tour: (+375 17) 293 29 66, 293 28 53 (the Library excursions department).

Find more info about library tours on Instagram and Facebook.

Thematic tours of the Book Museum:

Contact phone: (+375 17) 293 27 22 (the Bibliology department).

Tours are conducted in the Russian, Belarusian and English languages (in Russian and Belarusian in the Book Museum). Please place your order in advance. The service is provided to both individuals and groups. We accept orders from Tuesday to Saturday, at 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Booking starts on the 5th of the current month and is made for the next month.

Tours schedule from September 1st to May 31st:

  • Tuesday – Friday – from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.;
  • Saturday, Sunday – from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Summer Period
  • Monday – Friday: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday – from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday – day off


The National Library of Belarus is one of the most recognizable buildings of Belarus, its hallmark. During an orientation tour visitors will learn how to join the Library, and about the Library’s book collections. In the atrium guests will see a granite sphere symbolizing the value of knowledge and the infinity of the cognizable world.


Visitors appreciate the interior design of the library.


The original architectural features of the “Diamond of Knowledge” attract attention.


A guide tells about the reading rooms, functions and opportunities of the library and the document delivery system.

A guide tells how to book and get documents and how to use catalogues.

A guided tour includes a visit to the Book Museum where unique book monuments are on display. A part of the exposition is dedicated to the history of the National Library.


You can take original photos during a tour to one of the most unusual buildings in the world.

Kvest_2.JPG During the tour-quest Looking for Francysk Skaryna’s Heritage you will feel at the heart of the event, showing your ingenuity and inventiveness. Using maps and tips, you will solve riddles and puzzles, and also will get acquainted with interesting facts from the life of Francysk Skaryna and the history of our country. At the end of the tour, there will be a surprise: a quest completion certificate and a visit to the observation deck.

During a thematic tour Minsk on Your Palm you will ascend the observation deck to admire the view of the capital of Belarus at a height of more than 73 meters.

Interactive excursion Animated books is an educational and fascinating journey for parents with their children through the library, during which they may select and order their favorite books, receive them and read them together. During the tour, the guests get acquainted with the baby- and the giant-books, and with help of the pads will be able to "make alive" the illustrations in the 4D+ book with augmented reality.

During a thematic tour Minsk on Your Palm you will ascend the observation deck to admire the view of the capital of Belarus at a height of more than 73 meters.

During the "Birthday Сelebration in the library", the hero of the occasion can make a memorable entry in a special book of the namesake.

During the tour with a visit to the Round Hall of the President Center, our guests will have a unique opportunity to visit the hall, where numerous events are held with the participation of heads of state and government, representatives of diplomatic missions, scientists and cultural figures.

With the excursion "Secrets of the Diamond of Knowledge", for the first time, the guests had a unique opportunity to visit the storage facility, which was previously inaccessible to prying eyes.

 A Journey to the Book Treasure Land  is a tour in the form of a fascinating travel, which  acquaints children 10–12 years old with the history of books: the earliest manuscripts, the origin and traditional design of hand-written books, the invention of book-printing and various ways of designing printed books. The tour is conducted by employees of the Bibliology research department at the Book Museum.