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Publishing production of the Library

Next issues are being prepared for release: collections Бібліятэчны веснік, Здабыткі and journal Бібліятэчны свет. We invite to cooperate researchers of book culture and specialists in the field of librarianship and information technology.

pdf.png 2022 Publication Plan
Printed editions 2022

“Biblijatechny vesnik”: articles collection. Issue 14

Responsible for the issue: L.G. Kiriukhina

The next issue of the scientific collection is devoted to the formation of a modern library and information space, the prospects for the development of libraries.

It is intended for specialists in the field of librarianship and information technology, teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates, heads of cultural management bodies.

“Biblijatechny svet”: magazine *

Editor-in-chief: L. G. Kiryukhina

The magazine, founded by the National library of Belarus and the Belarusian library association, is published with the aim of providing scientific, practical and methodological support to librarianship, as well as revealing the creative and scientific potential of specialists in the field of librarianship and information technology.

It is of interest to those who study librarianship, history, local lore and culture of Belarus.

Subscription to the magazine "Biblijatechny svet" is carried out according to the Belpochta catalog "Newspapers and magazines of the Republic of Belarus". The publication indexes are 74895 (ind.), 748952 (ved.)

“Gistoryja belaruskaj natsyjanalnaj biblijagrafii. 1921–2021”

Author and responsible for the issue: T. V. Kuzminich

The publication is dedicated to the Belarusian national bibliography – the most important component of the information infrastructure of the society. It shows the specifics of bibliographic knowledge, the creation of which it provides, its source study character in relation to some branch areas of bibliography, especially historical, and its significance for historical research.

The article focuses on the history of the Belarusian national bibliography in the last century ­– the time when its most influential organizational structures were formed and the main resource component was formed.

The article illustrates the conditionality of the development of the national bibliography by the socio–cultural environment, trends inherent in this type of bibliographic activity at the regional and global levels, and its role in providing information to the Belarusian society at each of the selected historical stages.

The author analyzes the gradual formation of the regulatory framework and the creation of separate organizational structures, the formation of resources of the Belarusian national bibliography, as well as the evolution of methodological approaches characteristic of the corresponding bibliographic products.

The prospects of its development as the main system of modern Russian bibliography are determined.

 “Zdabytki: dakumentalnyja pomniki na Belarusi”, issue 25th

Responsible for the issue: Susha A.A.

The next issue of the scientific collection is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing. It contains materials on the problems of studying, preserving and using the documentary heritage of Belarus, the history of handwritten and printed books, archival documents, librarianship, bibliography, and cultural studies prepared by Belarusian and foreign researchers of book culture. 

The collection of articles is a peer–reviewed scientific publication included in the List of scientific publications of the Republic of Belarus for publishing the results of dissertation research in pedagogical, historical sciences and cultural studies. The materials of the collection introduce unique documentary monuments, new documents, facts and information related to the history of books and culture of Belarus, and will be useful for anyone interested in our heritage.

Proceedings of the 8th International Congress "Library as a Cultural Phenomenon"

Theme: "100 years of the National library of Belarus"

Responsible for the issue: Esis N.S.

The collection contains proceedings of the 6th International Congress "Library as a cultural phenomenon", which is held by the National library of Belarus. Reports of well-known specialists of national and major libraries, research institutions, representatives of other organizations, scientific institutions of Belarus and foreign countries are published on topical issues of librarianship development.

Proceedings are published in the author's editorial office.

The structure of the publication is traditionally formed in accordance with the congress program.

Proceedings of the 18th International book readings

Responsible for the issue: T. V. Kornilova

The collection consists of proceedings of the 18th International book readings, which took part in April 2022.

The materials of the collection are devoted to the history of book culture, approaches to the preservation, study and popularization of the documentary heritage, demonstrate the uniqueness of the Belarusian book culture and the common cultural heritage of Belarus and other countries.

 “Novyja knigi: pa staronkah belaruskaga druku” **

Responsible for the issue: I.V. Griadovkina

The monthly universal bibliographic bulletin informs about new books published by Belarusian publishers, the most important articles from the republican periodicals, as well as reviews of Belarusian publications.

Biographical lists or reviews devoted to significant historical events and topical issues of modern development of Belarus,"Belaruski Kalyandar, 2022", as well as materials dedicated to the anniversaries of prominent figures of the country, a number of organizations and institutions that form the basis of the economy, culture, science and education of Belarus are published as appendices.

It is intended to help the professional activities of library staff, other cultural and educational institutions, as well as students, students and all those who are not indifferent to the history, culture and modern life of their country, those who feel the need to quickly receive the necessary information to improve general and professional education, self–education and leisure activities.

Subscription to the magazine "Novyja knigi: pa staronkakh Belaruskaga druku" is carried out through the Belpochta catalog "Newspapers and magazines of the Republic of Belarus". The publication indexes are 74972 (ind.), 749722 (ved.).

Electronic editions 2022

Belarusians on the virgin lands of Kazakhstan: 1954 mid 1960s

Responsible for the issue: Kulinok S.V.

The electronic collection of documents and materials tells about the resettlement of Belarusians to the Kazakh SSR in 1954 the mid 1960s. The publication includes 187 documents, including those from the National Archive of the Republic of Belarus, the State Archive of the Minsk Region, the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Archive of the East Kazakhstan Region, the State Archive of Kostanay region, and the Lisakovo Regional State Archive. Among the published documents are resolutions, orders, protocols and extracts from protocols, memos, references, letters, memoirs, etc. The documents are organized according to thematic and chronological principles.

The electronic edition consists of four sections. The first one contains documents of the central and republican party–Soviet bodies on the development of virgin and fallow lands; the second one contains materials on the organization and selection of personnel for displaced persons; the third one describes the forms and methods of providing labor to areas of development of virgin and fallow lands; the fourth one includes documents on the organization of labor, everyday life.

The illustrative block includes 66 documents.

The publication presents seven videos from the Belarusian State Archive of Film and Photographic Documents, which tell about the departure of students to virgin lands, the development of virgin lands and harvesting, cultural leisure and the return of virgin lands to their homeland.

New economic policy in the BSSR: agriculture

Responsible for the issue: Kulinok S.V.

The electronic edition contains documents and materials reflecting the new economic policy in agriculture in the territory of the BSSR. Materials and documents from the collections of the National Archive of the Republic of Belarus and the State Archive of the Minsk Region are presented. Most of them are published for the first time.

Published documents include laws, decrees, resolutions, circulars, resolutions, minutes and extracts from them, memos, reports, etc.