VARIA. From the Foundation of Vladimir Likhodedov

20 Jun 2019

In early 2019, the National Library of Belarus signed an agreement with the public figure and collector, Vladimir Likhodedov, to create the Foundation of Vladimir Likhodedov. The foundation’s purpose is the identification, return and preservation of the documentary heritage of Belarus.

Book exhibitions

Most Romantic Places on the Planet

20 Jun 2019

From June 20 to August 25, we invite you to “The Most Romantic Places of the Planet” exhibition, located in the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department reading room (room 164).

Book exhibitions

Summer Is a Time for Books!

19 Jun 2019

On June 18, the vacationers of  “Zarnitsa” children's recreation camp, located in a picturesque place of Minsk Region, enjoyed  a virtual tour. The event was focused on the life and work of the famous classic of Belarusian literature and master of historical genre, Uladzimir Karatkevich.

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A Lesson on Creating a Reference List

23 Jun 2019

At the lesson you will learn how to create a reference list of scientific articles and studies (for dissertations, term papers, graduation works, theses etc).

The Thousand-year Brest, the Cultural Capital of the CIS

20 Jun 2019

The city of Brest (Berestye) was first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years (1019) as the trade and craft center of Kievan Rus. In 1390, Brest received the Magdeburg right and became the first Belarusian city with the privilege of self-government.