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About the Library

The National Library of Belarus, being at the head of the library system of the country, is the keeper of a powerful information resource. For more than 90 years it has been collecting the documentary heritage of the Belarusian people. At the present time the library collection includes nearby 10 million items.The half-million collection of unique national documents published in Belarus from the early 19th century to present day, and also publications and other documents about Belarus, as well as foreign editions, are especially valuable.

The library keeps more than 90 thousand rare and early printed books and manuscripts the earliest of which dates from the 14th–15th centuries. There is also a collection of editions of Belarusian first printer Francysk Skarina: 10 publications of the Bible which initiated the Belarusian book printing.

The National Library of Belarus generates its own electronic information resources and purchases them from leading world producers providing easy access to national and world information resources.

The library is provided with modern engineering and technical systems. The latest information technologies which satisfy educational, scientific and cultural requirements of society are used and the documentary memory of the nation at the qualitatively new level is formed.

These days according to its mission the National Library of Belarus solves both traditional issues concerning safekeeping of the cultural documentary heritage, and new ones such as the development of an electronic library and formation and use of corporate information resources.

As a social and cultural center the library develops the traditions of a cultural and educational establishment of universal significance and promotes the humanization of society.

In the framework of the social and cultural activity the user service is based on the use of a well thought-out infrastructure opportunities which provide the satisfaction of leisure and cognitive needs of users.

Roman Motulsky,
Director General of the National Library of Belarus,
Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy