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About the Library

The National Library of Belarus, heading the system of the country's libraries, is the keeper of a powerful information resource. Forming it, it quickly responds to the challenges of the time, ensuring the satisfaction of universal information needs of users in the interests of the development of national science, economy, production, cultural and spiritual spheres. 

The priority task of the National Library is to create conditions for the formation of the intellectual potential of the nation. One of the main missions of the Library is to collect and provide for the use of the society the documents containing the knowledge of humankind and the preservation of cultural values for future generations.

Today the National Library of Belarus is the largest information and socio-cultural centre of the country. The Library actively generates its own and acquires electronic information resources of the world's largest manufacturers, provides free access to national and world information resources, has the most complete collection of national and foreign documents in the Republic. The collections contain the most representative stock of materials from the UN, UNESCO, World Bank, IAEA in Belarus. The National Library receives and stores documents from the European Union, Council of Europe, OSCE and other international organizations.

Socio-cultural activities are an important and integral part of the Library's functioning. Realizing the functions of a socio-cultural centre, the Library develops the traditions of a world class cultural and educational institution, contributes to the humanization of society. Service to users within the framework of socio-cultural activities is based on using the capabilities of a functionally thought-out infrastructure that ensures the satisfaction of the leisure and cognitive needs of visitors.

Further prospects of the National Library are associated with its development as an important institution of national culture and as an information centre oriented towards a wide range of users.