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Life path of Princess Rahnieda


An excursion from the cycle "Outstanding People of the Motherland" about the life of Princess Rahnieda is designed for pupils and students, as well as everyone who is interested in the historical and cultural heritage of the Belarusian land.

During the excursion, visitors learn about the architectural features of the building of the National Library of Belarus, its information resources and services. Particular attention is paid to the embodiment of the image of Princess Rahnieda in the decoration of the interiors.

A part of the excursion takes the form of an interactive lesson, during which the animated film "Rahnieda" is shown, which tells about the life of the Grand Duchess and her extraordinary fate. Besides, a thematic book exhibition dedicated to historical figures (Uladzimir, Rahnieda, Iziaslau, Jaraslau), Belarusian cities (Polack, Zaslaul, Navahgudak) and literary monuments ("The Tale of Bygone Years", "The Tale of Igor's Campaign") is presented to the excursionists.

At the end of the lesson, sightseers are given the opportunity to solidify their knowledge with the help of creative assignments.