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Open Access Resources, general information

Open access electronic information resources are becoming important element of information support for scientific and educational processes.

The Open Access initiative emerged among scientists and librarians as an alternative to publishing articles in scientific journals in the late 1990s. It allowed scientists to use the Internet to disseminate information without commercial publishers by posting their publications on the websites of organizations, scientific associations, personal websites, etc. The condition for classifying a publication as open access is free, perpetual and unauthorized access to the work, permission to copy it, use it, distribute it, and create derivative works based on it with copyright indication. This section provides links to electronic information resources that users can access free of charge.

In addition to resources distributed through the Open Access Initiative, there are also links to:

  • resources available to users within the framework of compliance with the law, including retrospective publications protected by copyright law;

  • resources of organizations, including publishing houses, posted on websites based on the decision of the owner organization;

  • resources of scientific and educational communities;

  • resources created during the implementation of scientific and educational projects;

  • initiative resources of individuals;

  • websites of organizations;

  • thematic portals;

  • catalogues of resources that can be accessed free of charge;

  • event and information sites;

  • search services focused only on open access resources;

  • subject guides.

Subject guides are Internet services that support the systematic search of resources. They provide links to resources (documents, objects, sites or services) primarily available over the Internet, and are based on a description of these resources.