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Catalog reading room


General information

2nd floor, atrium

The reading room serves all users of the Library.
The reading room holds 115 places including 47 workbenches.

Card catalogs

The reading room houses the main card catalogs:

  • classed catalog;
  • subject catalog;
  • general alphabetical catalog of periodicals and serials;
  • alphabetical catalog of documents in foreign languages;
  • union alphabetical catalog of foreign books acquired by Belarusian libraries;
  • catalogs of dissertations and authors’ abstracts of dissertations.

Card indexes

Card indexes (classed card indexes of articles on humanities, taxonomic card indexes, card indexes of persons etc.) include the most recent information on Belarus mainly.

Access to electronic resources

Electronic resources of the Library:

Additional paid services:

  • print of electronic information;
  • information retrieval on request;
  • document booking.

The opening hours  the reading room correspond to the opening hours of the Library.


Assistant bibliographer
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 28 56 (internal number 78 56)
Head of the reference and bibliographical service section
Tel.: (+375 17) 293 27 41 (internal number 77 41).
Head of Information Service Department
Tel.: (internal number 77 39).