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Bibliographical service reading room


1.1. These Regulations are developed in conformity with the National Library of Belarus’ Code of Service, the Rules about Internet access in the reading rooms of the National Library of Belarus, the Rules about information copying, the Library carrel instructions and the Rules about electronic documents service, and specify the service procedure at the Information and Bibliographic Service Reading Room (the Room hereinafter).
1.2. The information resources accumulated in the Room are available to all users of the National Library of Belarus (the Library hereinafter).
1.3. The Room delivers documents from the deposit collection of the Room (closed and open sections) and  provides   access to electronic resources.
1.4. The work time of the Room corresponds with that of the Library.


2.1. Documents from the deposit collection are available to all users of the Library.
2.2. Documents from the closed section are delivered on user’s demand upon presentation of their library ticket; advance booking for documents is not required. A user can take up to 10 documents at once.
2.3. It is allowed to take documents from the open section. It is recommended to return borrowed documents to an assistant bibliographer after use.
2.4. Documents from the deposit collection can’t be booked.
2.5. It is forbidden to take away documents from the deposit collection without the permision of an assistant bibliographer.
2.6. A user is liable for all documents they take. In the event that you detect any damages when working with borrowed documents, please notify an assistant librarian.


3.1. The electronic resources of the Library are available on any user workbench.
3.2. Access to external databases and Internet resources is provided on allowed workbenches only. Access to social networks and entertainment websites is prohibited.
3.3. The free-of-charge time limit of Internet access is one hour per day and it is not extended in the event that a user works at different reading rooms during the day.
3.4. Before accessing Internet, a user must pass their library ticket to an assistant librarian and note down the time of work.
3.5. A user can get consultation on the use of electronic resources at an assistant librarian in the Room.
3.6. It is forbidden to perform any system operations in the computer network or reinstall software when working with electronic resources.
3.7. A user can use text editors "WordPad" and "Notepad" when working with electronic data. To avoid information loss, it is advisable to save file when working with text documents.
3.8. Saving and copying of electronic information to different kinds of media is performed via file “Briefcase” from user workbenches, according to the Instruction on Electronic Information Saving.


4.1. The Room offers additional (paid) services as folow: photocopying and scanning of fragments of documents from the Library’s collections, export of electronic information onto different kinds of media and Internet access according to the Service Price List of the National Library of Belarus (the Price list hereinafter).
4.2. At the Room a user can have copied up to 40 pages of the Library’s documents. Photocopying of larger documents is carried out by operators on the first and the second floors of the atrium.
4.3. To get documents copied, a user must fill in an order form and note down numbers of pages to be copied.
4.4. At the Room a user can have scanned up to 20 pages of documents from the deposit collection. Advance booking is made by an assistant librarian in the Room.
4.5. To make booking for document scanning, a user must fill in an order form, pay the order, and provide a clear electronic medium (CD, DVD). Bookings are fulfilled in 2 days.
4.6. To copy information from file “Briefcase” a user must notify an assistant bibliographer of user workbench number and a name of created file.
4.7. To copy electronic information it is advisable to have a clear electronic medium. Export of information is performed after virus test. In the presence of viruses information copying is denied.
4.8. Payment of services is made at the cash desks upon presentation of a request card filled in by a librarian, in accordance with the Price list.
4.9. Service rendering ceases 15 minutes before the closing time of the Library.

To solve any problems not settled by this Regulation, ask head of the Special Collections Division or First Deputy Director for User Service and Ideology.