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The general reading room


1. These Regulations are developed in conformity with the National Library of Belarus’ Code of Service, the Rules about Internet access in the reading rooms of the National Library of Belarus, the Rules about information copying, the Library carrel instructions and the Rules about electronic documents service, and specify the service procedure at the General Reading Room (the Room hereinafter).
2. The Room provides services to high school students, students of vocational, specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, specialists with secondary, special secondary and higher education including bachelors, undergraduates, graduate students, candidates for a degree.
3. The Room delivers documents from the Library’s stock and the deposit collection, provides access to the Library’s electronic resources and additional (paid) services.
4. Users with low vision are provided with an electronic magnifier to work with flatbed documents.
5. The Room has two premises: the circulation desk on the 1st floor of the atrium and reading room № 104.
6. The work time of the Room corresponds with that of the National Library of Belarus (the Library hereinafter).


7. Information on the Library’s resources and services, reading rooms and rules to observe is provided by a librarian on duty at the circulation desk.
8. Consultation on the use of electronic resources and booking of documents from the stock is provided by a librarian on duty in the reading room.


9. Order of documents is made via the Library’s electronic catalog (EC hereinafter) from any user workstation, except for documents which are not presented in EC (order form is required).
10. An order form is to be filled in by user and passed to a librarian at the circulation desk.
11. Order limit: 30 documents by EC, 3 documents by order form.
12. Fulfillment of orders ceases 1 hour before the closing time of the Library. An order made after the aforesaid time will be fulfilled on any day at user’s option.
13. An order is fulfilled in 30 minutes on average.
14. Documents ordered from the stock are given at the circulation desk upon presentation of a library card. Some kinds of documents: manuscripts, rare and early printed editions, dissertations, music editions, electronic, audiovisual, graphic documents, newspapers etc. are delivered in profile reading rooms.
15. Documents booked by order form are delivered upon presentation of a library card.
16. A user can take documents booked by other users (up to 1 item, the term of use is up to 1 hour).
17. User must keep an order form enclosed in a borrowed document when it is in use.
18. Circulation of documents ceases 15 minutes before the closing time of the Library.
19. Borrowed documents must be returned to a librarian at the circulation desk of the Room after use. User must notify a librarian of the necessity to book documents, extend the lending period or return them to the Library’s stock.
20. The lending period for documents is 30 days. In case of need it can be extended to 90 days on conditions that documents are not demanded by other users.
21. One user can book up to 60 documents.
21. User is responsible for all borrowed documents. In the event that you detect any damages when working with documents, please notify an assistant librarian.


23. Documents from the deposit collection of the Room are available to all users of the Library.
24. When taking documents from the deposit collection please do not break their arrangement on the shelving. Borrowed documents are to be placed into special carriages near the shelving after use.
25. Documents from the deposit collection can’t be booked.
26. It is forbidden to take away documents from the reading room without the permission of a librarian on duty.


27. The Library’s electronic resources are available on any workstation.
28. Access to external Internet resources is provided on user workstations allocated by the library.
29. Internet access is provided upon presentation of a library card.
30. Any system operations or soft reconfiguration are forbidden when working with the Library’s electronic resources.
31.To process information, you can use the MS Office suite of applications.
32. To save electronic data, please use the file "Portfolio" on user workstation. Data export is provided by a librarian on duty by user’s request.
33. To work with your own electronic data media, you can rent a carrel equipped with a PC. The carrels are located in the Specialists reading room, Scientific reading room, Belarusian literature reading room, and Dissertations reading room.


34. The Room offers additional (paid) services as follow: photocopying and scanning of fragments of documents from the Library’s stocks, export of electronic information to different kinds of media according to the Service Price List of the National Library of Belarus (the Price List hereinafter).
35. Copying of documents from the Library’s stocks (up to 40 pages) is made by a librarian on duty at the circulation desk. Copying of more than 40 pages is made by operators.
36. Scanning of documents from the Library’s stocks (up to 40 pages) is made by a librarian on duty at the circulation desk or by operators. Scanning of more than 40 pages is made by preliminary order within 2 days (except for Saturday, Sunday and holidays).
37. Please notify operators on numbers of pages to be copied.
38 .To make a preliminary order for scanning, you must fill in a form at the circulation desk and pay for the service.
39. To copy or print information from the file “Portfolio” user must notify a librarian on the number of user workstation and the names of created files.
40. Data export is performed after virus test. In the presence of viruses the service is denied.
41. Before starting work in a carrel user must pass an electronic medium to a librarian on duty (for virus check) and a library card (for operating time account).
42. Service payment is made at cash desks, according to the Price List.
43. Service rendering ceases 15 minutes before the closing time of the Library.

To solve any problems that are not settled by this Regulation, ask head of the Library Service Department or First Deputy Director for User Service and Ideology.