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The Internet center


1. These Regulations are developed in conformity with the Instructions for use of the National Library of Belarus, the Rules about Internet access in the reading rooms, the Rules about information copying, the Electronic documents service procedure, and determine the service procedure in the Internet Center.

2. The Internet Center provides access to Internet resources to all users of the National Library of Belarus (the Library hereinafter) with the purpose of meeting their informational needs.

3. The Internet center provides free access to the Internet information resources, and also offers additional (paid) services.

4. All user data and data on website he or she visits are stored in special file depot, in compliance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus “On the improvement of the national Internet segment usage” оf 1 February, 2010 № 60.

5. The Internet-center hours of operation correspond to those of the library.


6. Access to the Internet information resources is provided at particular user workbenches.

7. Print and copying of information onto any media is a paid service performed by an assistant consultant on user’s demand.

8. Paid services are provided upon presentation of a cashed check.

9. Paid services are performed up to 15 minutes before the closing time of the Library.

10. An assistant consultant does not provide trainings in basic computer skill or software.


11. to get consultation on the use of the Internet resources from an assistant librarian.

12. to use Internet resources, including commercial databases and e-mail.

13. to work with their own data media (floppy disks, flash memory cards, СD-Rom) after virus test and without program installation.

14. to work with text editors WordPad, Notepad and Оpen Office for copying, editing and saving of information from the Internet.

15. to save text files to the file Briefcase on computer desktop (disk Н:).

16. to photocopy and copy information from Internet onto their own data media with the help of an assistant consultant.


17. show their library card to a librarian on duty to fix the beginning of work on the Internet.

18. notify an assistant bibliographer of a number of their user workbench and a name of created file in order to copy information from file Briefcase. To copy electronic information it is advisable to have a clear electronic medium. Export of information is performed after virus test. In the presence of viruses information copying is denied.

19. pay for rendered services according to the Price List of the National Library of Belarus.

20. use carefully hardware and software.

21. observe the current Rules.


22. Performing any system operations in the Library’s computer network, reinstall software tools.

23. Plugging in any peripherals, installing any software tools on the Library computers; delete data from file Briefcase without the permission of an assistant consultant.

24. Accessing Internet resources which conflict with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

25. Sharing on the Internet literary, scientific, musical, audiovisual products, works of art, other subjects to copyright and allied rights, without the permission of legal owners (if other is not stipulated by the legal acts) in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

26. Sharing on the Internet news by any information resource, news agency or mass media distributed through the Internet, without providing a link back to the source of information (news agency or mass media), if other is not stipulated by the news owner.

27. Accessing pornographic or erotic websites.

28. Using the Internet access for any political activity.

29. Distributing any data offending citizens.

30. Accessing unauthorized websites.

31. Using mobile phones in the Internet Center.

32. Eating or drinking in the Internet Center.

33. Breaking the rules of public conduct, offending an assistant consultant, making noise.

34. Damaging the Library’s equipment or software.

35. For non-observance of the Internet Center Regulations users may be banned from the Library.

36. To solve any problems that are not settled by this Regulation, ask the Head of the Official Documents Department  or the First Deputy Director for User Service and Ideology