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The Library is carrying out the reregistration of users who joined in 2006–2015.

A user of the National Library of Belarus should reregister every 5 years from the time of the first registration or from the date of the last reregistration. The reregistration is made in the Library’s lobby at the Reception Desk. Please, provide your library card and an identity document: passport, residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, refugee certificate. Scholars need to present an academic degree certificate or its photocopy.

In case you have changed your last name, first name or patronymic, or your library card has been damaged (has fractures, bends, scratches, barcodes are not readable etc), you should reregister and make a duplicate of your library card. The cost of a duplicate is 4.66 BYN. Discounts are not provided.

After the reregistration, the number of your library card won’t change.

The Library won’t provide its services to users who have not reregistered.

To inquire about the validity period of your library card, please call:
(+375 17) 368 37 37,
(+375 17) 293 28 54.

Also, you can ask for more information from a receptionist at the information desk in the central lobby.