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Exhibitions 2011

Dear users! The complete lists of literature displayed at the Library exhibitions are available in all reading rooms on any user workbench.



6 October –
6 January
"Writers whose anniversaries are celebrated in 2011": Мikhail Lomonosov (1711–1765); Henri Troyat (1911–2007); Feodor Dostoevsky (1821–1881); Nicolay Nekrasov (1821–1878)
Third floor, circular hall
6 October –
6 January
"The great Russian talented man": the 300th birthday of Mikhail Lomonosov
Third floor, circular hall
11 October –
11 January
"The worlds of Stanislaw Lem: from the private book collection of translator V.І. Yaznevich": the 90th birthday of Polish writer Stanislaw Lem
Third floor, circular hall
11 October –
11 January
"Stanislaw Lem. Solaris": the one book exhibition.
From the private book collection of translator V.І. Yaznevich
Third floor, circular hall
3 November –
10 January



Second floor, circular hall
8 November –
31 December
“I’m not alone as I have the book…”: the 120th birthday of Maksim Bogdanovich
(third floor, room 348)
11 November – 20 December "The consonance of thought and feeling”: the 80th anniversary of poet, dramatist and journalist Anatoly Vertinsky
11 November –
6 December
“In the vortex of life”: the 110th anniversary of writer and dramatist Mikhas Zaretsky
17 November – 10 December “On the way of search and discoveries”: the 60th birthday of Belarusian philologist and folklorist Anatoly Litvinovich
24 November – 14 December “Searching and laboring”: the 60th birthday of literary critic Taissa Gromadchenko
2 December –
3 January

"Mozart in painting": the150th birthday of Russian painter Konstantin Korovin

Visual Materials Reading Room
(3rd floor, room 307)
7 December –
10 January

“The placer of precious words”: to the 70th anniversary of Belarusian poet and translator Nicolay Malyavko’s birth

22 December –
6 February
“A drink from native wells”: the 60th birthday of Belarusian linguist and poet Vasily Rogovtsov


2 November –
31 December
“Periodicals – anniversary issues for 2011”: newspapers "Byelorusskaya Niva", "Chyrvonaya Zmena", "Respublika", "Kultura", journals "Byelaruskaya Dumka", "Vozhyk", "Praleska"
Periodicals Reading Room
(anteroom, 1st floor, room 106)
9 November –
4 December
“A woman: equality, dignity, freedom and security”: the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November)
21 November –
5 December
“Living in harmony with nature – the way to future”: the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity (2011–2020) Anteroom, second floor, room 207
1 November –
31 December
“We choose a Life”: World AIDS Day
(1 December)
Legal Information Reading Room
(2nd floor, room 207g)
1 – 31
"Piano ensembles": from the collection of printed music and audio records of the National Library of Belarus
(3rd floor, room 305)
6 December –
3 January
"CIS: cooperation and interaction for the development":
the 20th anniversary from the date of the establishment of the CIS (8 January)
Anteroom, second floor, room 207
5 December –
4 January
"Corruption: struggle without compromises": the
International Anti-Corruption Day
(9 January)
7 December –
25 January
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" Second floor, circular hall