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A drink from native wells

A drink from native wells
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From 22 December to 6 February, the exhibition “A drink from native wells”, devoted to the 60th anniversary of Belarusian linguist and poet Vasily Rogovtsov, works in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205).

Vasily Rogovtsov is a talented scientist, corresponding member of the Belarus Academy of education, Doctor of Philology, professor, the winner of the Literary award by the name of V. Khomchenko (2008), author and co-author of numerous books on linguistics.

The exposition consists of the editions displaying fruitful scientific and scientific-pedagogical work of the scientist. It is the monography “Маўленчае выражэнне камічнага ў беларускай драматургіі” (2002), which has become the basis of his doctoral thesis; a complex of books for students of philological faculties for Belarusian universities which specialized in the theory of language, among which “Практыкум па ўводзінах у мовазнаўства” (1989), “Уводзіны мовазнаўства: практыкум” (2003), “Агульнае мовазнаўства: заданніл для тэставага кантролю” (2009), and etc. The exhibition contains the works of the scientist published in collections, magazines, encyclopedias.

V. Rogovtsov’s lexicographic works are represented in the exposition. In the Belarusian linguistics it is unique encyclopaedic reference book “Мовы свету” (2009), “Слоўнік пра камічнае: мовазнаўчы аспект” (2010) and others in which creation Vasily Rogovtsov was a co-author.

Literary creativity takes a special place in his life. Vasily Rogovtsov is the author of five poetic collections: “Сутонне” (1995), “Долягляд” (1998), “Адмыслоўцы” (2007), “На роскрыжы дарог” (2008), “ Імгненне і Вечнасць”(2010) with which it is possible to get acquainted at the exhibition.

Last section of the exposition contains materials about a vital and creative way of the scientist. A bibiliographic text-book “Прафесар Васіль Іванавіч Рагаўцоў: навуковая і навукова-педагагічная дзейнасць, літаратурная творчасць” (2011), which was published to his 60th anniversary, deserves a special attention.

Contact phone number: 293-27-16.


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