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Mozart in painting
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From 2 December to 3 January, the exhibition “Mozart in painting”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Russian painter, representative of Russian Impressionism K.A. Korovin’s birth (1861–1939), is held in the Visual materials Reading Room (room 307).

His name is connected very closely with the first works made in this style in Russia. He is an artist belonging to the brilliant pleiad of masters of the 19–20th centuries.

From 1875 to 1886 Konstantin studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. His teachers were Savrasov and Polenov. The important event for the evolution of his style became painted “Portrait Of Chorister”(1883) which is represented on the exposition. In works he didn’t pay much attention to the composition of a picture, search of appropriate colours was more important for him (“At a Tea Table”, 1888; “Nasturtiums”, 1888).

One of exhibition sections devoted to his trips to Italy, France and Spain. When Korovin visited Valencia, he created the picture “On the Balcony, Spanish Women Leonora and Ampara”, which became the evidence of his mastery. After 11 years this picture brought his a gold medal in Paris.

In 1884 Korovin met famous industrialist and merchant Savva Mamontov. This acquaintance influenced on painter’s life. Mamontov proposed him to be a painter in Moscow Opera House which belonged to the merchant. The painter designed its decorations for 14 years. Since 1910 Korovin is an executive director in Russian theatres. The artist made a series of sketches to decorations and opera costumes. Some of them can be seen at the exposition.

In 1900, Korovin designed the Russian Empire pavilion at the Paris World Fair and was rewarded with 11 medals for it. The French government awarded him the Legion of Honour.

Constantin Korovin was an activist at the beginning of cultural changes after1917, but very fast he stopped to take part in art life of the country. Painter Igor Grabar organized Korovin’s great one-man exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery in 1923. It was a farewell event. Soon Korovin emigrated to Paris where he lived in memories about Russia, he expressed his nostalgic feelings in his literary works.

The exhibition contains over 120 documents. It is not only art albums, books, articles, reproductions and cards, but also literary heritage of painter-emigrant.

The exposition is intended to all readers who are interested in Constantin Korovin’s oeuvre.

Contact phone number: 293-27-58



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