The composer-humanist

25 Jun 2010

From June 25th to July 26th, the exhibition "The composer-humanist” dedicated to the 150th birthday of Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) is open at the Music and Audio Material Reading Room (room 305).

Book exhibitions

With love of the motherland

10 Jun 2010

In the Visual Materials Reading Room (room 307), form June 10th to July 5th is open an anniversary exhibition “With love of the motherland” dedicated to the 80th birthday of Russian painter and graphic artist, and national artist of the USSR Ilya Glazunov.

Book exhibitions

The Personal Only

7 Jun 2010

On June 4th in the galley “Panorama” took place the opening ceremony of a joint exhibition by Georgian and Belarusian photographers Archil Kikodze and Vladimir Parfyonok "The Personal Only”.

Art exhibitions

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Creating Fairy Tales by Paintbrush

5 May 2023

From May 5 to June 12, the Documents on Art reading room (No 306) is launching the book and illustrative exhibition "Creating Fairy Tales by Paintbrush", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the Russian artist Viktar Vasniatsow (1848–1926).

Anthem of Poetry and Songs

3 May 2023

The jubilee exhibition "Anthem of Poetry and Songs" honours the 85th birthday of renowned Belarussian cultural worker Vladimir Karyzna, is on display from May 3 to June 7 at the Belarusian Literature reading room (No 205) in Minsk.