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Why do Books Have this Shape (No, Not Just Because)

5 Mar 2021

Let's be honest: we're crazy about books. But have you ever wondered why they look like this? Both pocket books with the size of a maple leaf and huge dictionaries you can barely hold in your hands usually have the same rectangular shape and the same proportions. Why? Is it because of modern printing or is it something about us? Let's start our investigation!

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About Spines and People: Nine Books with Libraries and their Employees

4 Mar 2021

Who do you think librarians are? Just people who "shoo" at everyone who dares to speak in the reading room? Drop all your stereotypes! Indeed, some of the most fascinating and exciting stories revolve around libraries and their employees full of sincere love for books and their work. Do you miss libraries while sitting in isolation? Is your library card covered in dust? Get out your notebooks: today, we're sharing nine exciting books where libraries are involved. They feature time travel, mysterious carnivals, and even cats. And books, of course.

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Why do Holmes Need Dr. Watson and Whoever are those Sidekicks?

3 Mar 2021

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings, Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin... In the world of detective stories this is a well-known formula – take a brilliant detective, give him a less intelligent assistant and get a book that the whole world will love. Why does it happen? Isn't a genius detective smart enough to solve cases alone? Doesn't a reader enjoy the progress of the investigation anyway? Today we will solve this riddle!

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The fascinating history of an ex-libris

22 Feb 2021

We love buying books even more than reading. After all, who doesn't dream of your own home library? Acquiring a new book is a very special excitement, the feeling of having something truly amazing, a whole world in paper. And, of course, on such important things one involuntarily wants to write in big letters "MINE". Humanity has courteously taken care of this. Keep your sense of beauty and possessiveness at the ready: today we will look at a brief history of ex-libris.

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Reading Aloud: How, With Whom and Why

12 Feb 2021

Remote work, self-isolation and other "pleasures" of modern life sometimes make you feel disconnected from society. There is only you and the walls of your apartment. Do you feel like the last person on the planet? Are you losing touch with family, friends and reality? We have one fun way to get you back on the ground – with the help of books, of course. Or rather, with a way to absorb them. Stretch your vocal cords: it's time to talk about reading aloud!

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Book Walker, Book Mouse or Audiohound: What Kind of Reader are You?

10 Feb 2021

Everything affects our perception of a book – our mood on that day, the quality of the paper, the time of day and, of course, the place of reading. What can be more important than that? When you are comfortable, even the most difficult constructions are read in one breath. It is easier for someone to concentrate in the deep silence of their own room, and someone can not read without a library atmosphere around. So many places to read, so many nuances!

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History of Dust Jacket (It's More Interesting Than You Think)

6 Feb 2021

Let's face it, when we pick a book, we all look at the cover. Book design is gaining momentum right now and it's always nice to have a beautifully designed home library. Now think, how many of your books still have dust covers? What happens to them after the purchase? Do you throw them away, leaving the book intact, or, on the contrary, keep a more colourful wrapper for the glory of aesthetics?

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What is ergodic literature and why You should not be scared of it

3 Feb 2021

Ergodic literature sounds like something sinister and forbidden, doesn't it? It would be worth calling ergodic old books in leather covers, hiding in themselves dark secrets or something like that. It's too much like Lovecraft. But it is worth looking at such books closer, and it turns out that there is nothing frightening in them (except the name, of course). Gather all your literary makings: we immerse ourselves in the world of books, whose text is curled up so that you love and hate it at the same time.

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Don't panic: why it is good for children to read scary stories and how to do it properly

20 Jan 2021

Haunted houses, living dead, ominous curses... Scary stories have always been considered something for older audiences, not worth giving to children. And in vain: there is much more benefit in horror stories than ephemeral harm. But you should be approached wisely to such books. Today we will figure out how to open the forbidden world of scary stories for a child and why this is generally useful.

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Cats, apples and funny hats: unusual habits of writers

5 Jan 2021

Who among us has not faced a creative stagnation? Whether you're doing, painting or baking cupcakes, a sudden crisis spares no one, and now you are sad on the edge of the sofa, unable to do what you love. So how to prevent sudden stagnation in the middle of the workflow? That's right - to make an eccentric habit! Get out the blue crayons and sherry: today we take a look at the most unusual writing habits of famous authors, which helped them to fight fatigue, crisis and... own laziness.

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9 Books for a New Year’s Mood

31 Dec 2020

Snow is falling outside, electric garlands sparkle on the windows, and the smell of tangerines is in the air. “Let It Snow” sounds in stores, and TV channels are preparing for reruns of “The Irony of Fate”. This can only mean one thing: New Year is almost here!

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The History of a Book as a Universal Gift and what the Romans Have to Do with it

24 Dec 2020

There are a few days left until the New Year, and in the head of each of us hums a disturbing thought – what presents should I make for friends and family? Socks with deer, tea and holiday mugs consistently appear in the list of universal gifts, but they always yield the seat to the most popular option. A book! Make some hot chocolate and sit back: now we will figure out how the book became a universal gift for all occasions.

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How To Make Reading a Habit and Stop Ditching Books Halfway

17 Dec 2020

Sometimes the pages are hard to flip, and the lines are hard to read, and the back of the book doesn't sit right. Do you think you can make yourself read at least a page like that! No matter how interesting the book is, everyday life can take away all your strength, and circumstances can force you to put off all your favourite stories for a boundless "later". So how do you avoid burnout and make reading a habit? Let's figure it out.

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"Boo!": A Guide to Haunted Houses in Literature

30 Oct 2020

What could be more attractive and at the same time intimidating to the reader than haunted houses? For more than a hundred years, we have witnessed many sad stories where the main characters make the deal of the century and buy a house in which they themselves are unexpected guests. The dream turns into a nightmare, and the home walls no longer seem safe. Here's a guide to the most mystically dangerous real estate in literature!

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4 Mar 2021

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