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The Personal Only

The Personal Only
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On June 4th in the galley “Panorama” took place the opening ceremony of a joint exhibition by Georgian and Belarusian photographers Archil Kikodze and Vladimir Parfyonok "The Personal Only”.

The event was prepared and run by the National Library of Belarus and the Belarusian People’s Bank.

The talented artists and well-known masters of photography, Archil Kikodze and Vladimir Parfyonok presented 46 works at the exhibition.

Photos by Archil Kikodze reflect splendid Georgian landscapes and colorful people types: the peaks of Elbrus and Kazbek, the vales and passes of Caucasus, a bridge over Kura River, an abandoned village etc.

The collection of black-and-white photos by Vladimir Parfyonok presents works from an unfinished series “The Dim Landscape of Belarus” (2008–2009) that have been made during the photographer’s numerous travels to the north-west and the south-west of Belarus.

Fyodor Yastreb, the Head of the Gallery and Exhibition Department of the National Library of Belarus, and Nicolas Shurgaya, the Chairman of the committee of directors of the Belarusian People’s Bank, welcomed guests and participants of the event.

Before the exhibition opening, a press conference of the artists with representatives of mass-media took place. Archil Kikodze and Vladimir Parfenok told how their works hade been created, answered questions of journalists and shared their creative plans.

The exhibition is open till June 14th.  Entrance to the Observation platform is paid, including the cost of the exhibition.  


The collections of the Center for people’s diplomacy of the Shanghai cooperation organization in Uzbekistan is to be added with the Belarussian literature

28 Jul 2022

A solemn ceremony on handing over the books to the Room of knowledge of the Center for people’s diplomacy of the Shanghai cooperation organization in Uzbekistan held on July 28th, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National library of Belarus and implementing international project “Belarus today”.

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