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Hitting New Roads

14 Jun 2018

On June 13, a summer recovery camp “Zarnica”, located in a picturesque site of Uzda District, Minsk Region, hosted a guest teaching tour, focused on the life and work of the known children’s writer Yanka Maur.  

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A Guest Teaching Tour

13 Jun 2018

On June 12,  the library employees visited a summer recovery camp “Na rostanyakh” and conducted the first guest teaching tour of the series “Outstanding People of the Motherland”, focused on the writing of the Belarusian classic, Yakub Kolas.

National Library of Belarus News

Another Page in the History of Belarus

4 Jun 2018

As a result of joint work with our colleagues from the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian State Archive and the Museum of Literature and Art, the electronic collection of the National Library of Belarus has been enriched with digital copies of "Chyrvony Seybyt", the supplement to the newspaper "Belaruska Vyoska".  

National Library of Belarus News

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