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To the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Zinaida Slepchenko

31 Aug 2021

Zinaida Slepchenko was born on August 31, 1931 in the village of Tyumentsevo, Altai Territory. After finishing school in 1949, she entered the one-year courses at the Novosibirsk Regional Library. After completing her studies, Zinaida was sent to the position of head of the circulation department to the Iskitim District Library of the Novosibirsk Region, where she worked for the next 14 years.

Our History: a Portrait Gallery

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IAEA: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

21 Jul 2022

A thematic exhibition “IAEA: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary since the International Atomic Energy Agency has been established, will run in the International documents reading room (room 207g) between July 21st and August 30th.

The Space of Andrei Karpenkov’s Colors

14 Jul 2022

The opening of a contemporary Belarussian artist Andrei Karpenkov “The space of flowers” will run in the “Atrium” Gallery on four o’clock in the afternoon on July 14th.