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To commemorate Zoya Diakonova's 110th birthday

31 Dec 2022

Zoya Diakonova was born in Smolensk in the family of a priest. In 1930, she graduated from the 2nd Smolensk nine-year political and educational school and was accepted as the head of the hut-reading room of the Romnensky village Council of the Novosokolnichesky district of the Western Region (now the Smolensk region). The young woman was "mobilised to work in a school" in the village of Zhukovo six months later, combining her teaching duties with her role as a senior pioneer leader.

Our History: a Portrait Gallery

Elena Kosinskaya, a highly qualified librarian and outstanding bibliographer, began her career at the National Library 50 years ago

6 Oct 2022

The staff of the National Library congratulates Elena Ivanovna on her professional anniversary and wishes her health and success, easy and successful implementation of all creative ideas, new achievements in the library business. Let your life be filled with warm meetings, joyful events, smiles and attention of your family and friends.

Our History: a Portrait Gallery

To the 85th anniversary from the birth date of a veteran of the National library of Belarus Tamara Egorovna Piseckaya

16 Aug 2022

Tamara Egorovna was born in 1937 in the village Vasylievka, Kruglyansk region, Mogilev district, in the family of farmers. She finished seven-form school in 1951 and had moved in to Chelyabinsk (Russia) three years after. A young Tamara has worked as an iron and steel founding worker there and then as a time-keeper in the turbine workshop of the Chelyabinsk heat and power station.

Our History: a Portrait Gallery

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Creating Fairy Tales by Paintbrush

5 May 2023

From May 5 to June 12, the Documents on Art reading room (No 306) is launching the book and illustrative exhibition "Creating Fairy Tales by Paintbrush", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the Russian artist Viktar Vasniatsow (1848–1926).

Anthem of Poetry and Songs

3 May 2023

The jubilee exhibition "Anthem of Poetry and Songs" honours the 85th birthday of renowned Belarussian cultural worker Vladimir Karyzna, is on display from May 3 to June 7 at the Belarusian Literature reading room (No 205) in Minsk.