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Gentle, Sweet, Kind

12 Oct 2019

A book exhibition "Gentle, Sweet, Kind" timed to Mother's Day (14 October) is organized from October 12 to 30 in the library (2nd floor, exhibition space).

Book exhibitions

The Symbol of the Fete Galante

10 Oct 2019

“The Symbol of the Fete Galante”, a book-illustrative exhibition dedicated to the 335th anniversary of the birth of French painter and draftsman Antoine Watteau (1684–1721) runs in the fine arts hall (306), from October 10 to November 11.

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Our Four-Legged Friends

4 Oct 2019

From October 4 to October 25 we invite you to the exhibition “Our Four-Legged Friends” which is held in the interlibrary loan and document delivery reading room (164).

Book exhibitions

The Future of the Planet without Nuclear Weapons

13 Sep 2019

“The Future of the Planet Without Nuclear Weapons,” a book exhibition timed to the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, runs in the hall of documents of international organizations (room 207g), from September 13 to October 13.

Book exhibitions

Uneasy Heart

6 Sep 2019

"Uneasy Heart," a book exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian writer, screenwriter, Honored Worker of Culture of Belarus, winner of the Literary Prize named after I. Melezh, Alies Asipenka (1919–1994), runs in the Belarusian literature reading room (205), from  September 6 to  October 24.

Book exhibitions

Peace and Security for All Peoples

2 Sep 2019

The thematic exhibition "Peace and Security for All Peoples" dedicated to the International Day of Peace is opened in the Official Documents reading room (207) from September 2 to October 15.

Book exhibitions

Beauty Saves the World

2 Sep 2019

We invite you to the exhibition "Beauty Saves the World" in the reading room of the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department (room 164) from September 2 to September 25.

Book exhibitions

This Phenomenon, Pesniary

22 Aug 2019

An exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the VIA band Pesniary is held from August 22 to November 12 in the Music and Audiovisual documents reading room (305).

Book exhibitions

Exhibition Dedicated to Ales Staver

9 Aug 2019

From August 9 to October 14 the exhibition dedicated to the 90th birthday of the Belarusian poet, prose writer and playwright Ales Staver (1929–1995) is held in the Belarusian Literature reading room (205).

Book exhibitions

Minsk, the Capital of My Country

6 Aug 2019

The city of Minsk was first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years, relating to the events of 1067. By decree of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Alexander, on March 14, 1499 Minsk, like other big cities, received the Magdeburg Law, and on January 12, 1591 the city was granted its own coat of arms: the image of Our Lady on a blue background between two angels and cherubs.

Book exhibitions

War and Law

1 Aug 2019

From August 1 to September 11, the thematic book exhibition “War and Law”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, is opened in the Documents of International Organizations room (207g).

Book exhibitions

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The Choice Is Yours

22 Oct 2019

Dear users! We invite you to visit a thematic exhibition titled "The Choice Is Yours" at the periodicals hall (106).