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Researcher and Writer

14 Feb 2019

“Researcher and Writer”, an  exhibition timed to the 60th anniversary of the Belarusian writer and literary critic, candidate of philological sciences Piotr Vasyuchenko, runs in the Belarusian literature room (205), from February 14 to March 20.

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With Love to the Book

1 Feb 2019

“With Love to the Book”, a book exhibition, runs in the reading room 164, the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department, from 1 to 25 February.  

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The Constitution as a Guarantor of the Belarusian Statehood

22 Jan 2019

“The Constitution as a Guarantor of the Belarusian Statehood”, a thematic exhibition timed to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the BSSR and the adoption of the first Constitution, and the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, runs in the legal information room (207 b), from January 22 to March 25.

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Big Talent, Big Work, Big Heart

18 Jan 2019

A book and illustrative exhibition dedicated to the 2018winners of the “For Spiritual Revival” award, a special award of the President of the Republic of Belarus to cultural and art workers, and special award of the President of the Republic of Belarus “Belarusian Sports Olympus” runs in the circular corridor,  2nd floor,  from January 18 to April 17.

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Infinite Art Space

18 Jan 2019

From January 18 to February 11 in the Fine Art reading room (room 306) a book and illustrative exhibition "Infinite Art Space", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the National Art Museum of Belarus founding is held.

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Creation and Development of Family Farms

17 Jan 2019

A thematic exhibition "Creation and Development of Family Farming" dedicated to the Decade of Family Farming, is held from January 17 to February 13 in the International Organizations Documents reading room (room 207g).

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Road of Good

11 Jan 2019

From January 11 to February 12, in Belarusian literature reading room (room 205) an exhibition "Road of Good", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Belarusian writer Vasil Homchenko (1919-1992) is held.

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Secrets of "Vyasyolka"

10 Jan 2019

The exhibition "Secrets of "Vyasyolka"" dedicated to the 40th anniversary on the post of editor-in-chief of the magazine "Vyasyolka", writer Vladimir Lipsky, is held from January 10 to February 10 on the exhibition space of the 3rd floor.

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His Songs in Hearts and in Memory

4 Jan 2019

The anniversary exhibition “His Songs in Hearts and in Memory” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian composer and teacher, people’s artist of Belarus Vladimir Olovnikov, is held 12 in the Music and Audiovisual documents reading room (room 305) from January 4 to March.

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Home Sweet Home

2 Jan 2019

“Home Sweet Home”, a thematic exhibition, runs in the periodicals reading room (106), from January 2 to February 28.

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The Eternal Melody of Life

11 Dec 2018

“The Eternal Melody of Life”, an exhibition  timed to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian writer, honored worker of culture of Belarus Kastus Kireenko (1918–1988), runs in the Belarusian literature reading room (205), from  December 11 to January 10.

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Singer of the Eternal City

10 Dec 2018

The book-illustrative exhibition "Singer of the Eternal City" dedicated to the 420th anniversary of the outstanding Italian architect and sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini takes place in the Art documents reading room (room 306) from December 10 to January 15.

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First Romantic

7 Dec 2018

The anniversary exhibition "First Romantic", dedicated to the 220th anniversary of Adam Mickiewicz takes place from December 7 to January 10 in the gallery "Atrium" (3rd floor).

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Happy Holiday, Defenders!

22 Feb 2019

On the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, a solemn event "And the main thing for the soldier... " was held in the conference hall of the library.

Event Timed to the International Mother Language Day

19 Feb 2019

The Gospel translation into the Belarusian language made by Michael Mickiewicz, Yakub Kolas’ younger brother, is to be presented on February 21. His relative Maria Mickiewicz will read out excerpts from the unique manuscript and donate some rare editions to the library.