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Art exhibitions and projects in 2018




6 February

"The Fyodor Yastreb’s Poetry Palette": a commemorative art exhibition timed to the anniversary of artist

gallery "Atrium"

 14 February
 "Colorful ornaments of native languages": an exhibition timed to the International Mother Language Day  

gallery "Rakurs"

20 February

“The Eighth Day”: an international project of the non-government association “The Union of Artists Peacemakers”

gallery "Labyrinth"

23 February "Holography-2018. Minsk": an exhibition of art holograms "Education. Cognition. Progress"

gallery-exhibition complex (room 104)

15 March

"Steps on the Water": an exhibition of watercolors of Vyacheslav Pavlovets

"Panorama" gallery

27 March "Personal": an exhibition of Natalya Kaminskaya in the frameworks of the “Brama” art project

"Rakurs" gallery 

5 April "The Native Land, the Tale of Times": an exhibition of the collection of books and cards of Vladimir Likhodedov and the photos of Sergey Plytkevich, within the framework of the Year of the Native Land in Belarus

"Atrium" gallery 

6 April "Belarus and China through My Eyes": an exhibition of finalists from the photo contest

circular corridor, 3rd floor

19 April

“The History of the National Academic Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus”: a photo exhibition timed to the theater’s 83rd anniversary

"Labyrinth"  gallery 

25 April "Golf is the Olympic Sport": a photo exhibition of Stepan Nadolsky

"Panorama" gallery

4 May “Art Minsk 2018”: International Art Festival

"Rakurs" gallery 

15 May

“The Native Land, the Tale of Times”: the project of the art, information and documentary exhibitions dedicated to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus (Stage II)

"Atrium" gallery

7 June "Death Camp Trostenets. History and memory": an information and documentary exhibition in memory of the victims of Trostenets

  atrium, 2nd floor

14 June “Clothes of our Ancestors. The 18th and 19th Century Art Drawing”: collection of engravings and lithographs from the collections of the Russian State Art Library

"Rakurs" gallery 

21 June “The Land Under White Wings”: a commemorative exhibition timed to the 90th anniversary of the People’s Artist of Belarus and merited art worker, G. Vaschenko

"Labyrinth" gallery 

1 August “The Colored Days”: an art exhibition of Irina Yasyukayts-Dudoreva and Tatiana Grinevich

gallery "Panorama"

16 August

  “The Native Land, the Tale of Times”: the project of the art, information and documentary exhibitions dedicated to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus (Stage III)

"Atrium" gallery

3 September

"Sounding Landscapes by Anatoly Dribas": the photo exhibition by Anatoly Dribas

gallery "Rakurs"

10 September

"The Universe of the Internet": an interactive project 

exhibition complex (room 104)

9 October

“Fantasy Land”: the art project "The 13th Wonder of the World" by artist Alexander Vyshka

gallery-exhibition complex

16 October

“I'm Seeing Belarus like That”: the photo exhibition by Vladislav Tsydzik

gallery-exhibition complex

30 October "Pencil & Penzal": An exhibition of illustrations of Pavel Tatarnikov

gallery "Labyrinth"

13 November "Quotes Shop": 30 quotes by famous Poles in a graphic design

"Rakurs" gallery

14 November
#мысредивас (#weareamongyou): a photo exhibition timed to the World AIDS Day

circular corridor, 3rd floor

29 November "ESTAMP": an anniversary exhibition of Vladimir Providokhin

gallery "Panorama"

  7 December
 "Draw Your Rights": a drawing competition and exhibition  timed to the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  

circular corridor, 3rd floor