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Art exhibitions and projects in 2020




January 23 Return exhibition project dedicated to the memory of counts Khreptovich, summing up the three open-air reconstructions

Gallery "Labyrinth"

January 30 Secrets of Belarusian Nature a photo exhibition by Vasily Belyakov dedicated to the Year of Native Land

"Mobile" Gallery (circular corridor, 3rd floor)

February 11
Traveling Africa: an exhibition of travel-photographs by Yuri Biryukov

Gallery "Panorama"

February 21
Belarus: Beautiful Moments: an exhibition for the International Mother Language Day
Gallery "Labyrinth"

March 5

Colours of Spring: art project dedicated to the International Women's Day

Gallery "Rakurs"

March 17
The Way to Victory: Historical Sources TestifyAn exhibition project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders (jointly with the Belarusian Union of Artists and the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus)

"Atrium" Gallery, 3rd floor

March 25

Wet-on-Wet: an Exhibition: an exhibition of watercolours by Vyacheslav Pavlovets

Gallery "Labyrinth"

April 15
Tribute to the Great Victory! An exhibition project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory

Atrium Gallery, 2nd floor

 April 29 EcoChallenge: an exhibition project, dedicated to the Earth Day  
June 23
The Flame of War Days: an exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II and timed to the Independence Day

Gallery "Rakurs"

June 26
Miracle of Life: the Exhibition of the Paintings by Vladimir Isachenko

Gallery "Panorama"

July 7
In Zoom: a photo exhibition by Marina Batsyukova

Gallery "Labyrinth"

August 27

My Letter: an exhibition to the Day of Knowledge

"Mobile" Gallery

September 29
Along the Trails of The Wildlife: a photo exhibition, dedicated to the Year of Native Land

Gallery "Rakurs"

August 25
Symbol of the Belarusian National Culture: an exhibition project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Janka Kupała National Theater

Atrium Gallery, 3rd floor

October 25

Ivan Semiletov's exhibition "The Secret Life of Objects"


October 29
Exhibition at the request of third parties

Gallery "Labyrinth"

* The exhibition schedule can be changed during the year. For more detailed information see Events section.