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The Artist Who Draws the Air: Vyacheslav Pavloviets’ Watercolor Exhibition

The Artist Who Draws the Air: Vyacheslav Pavloviets’ Watercolor Exhibition
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gallery "Panorama"

Steps on the Water, the artist Vyacheslav Pavloviets’ Watercolor Exhibition, will open in the gallery "Panorama" (22nd floor) at 17.00, March 15.

Paintings of the famous Belarusian artist-watercolorist, Vyacheslav Pavloviets, is the true miracle of art, created with water-based paints. The master’s brush allegedly makes moves on the water, leaving behind a strange, clear landscape, filled with light and air.

The artist’s harmonious world appears in the watercolor as it is seen in happy dreams and childhood memories. Completely devoid of all dark and random, it emits internal light, reminiscent of age-old wisdom of nature and the fragility of the human soul and uniqueness of each moment.

Watercolor is the main technique in Vyacheslav Pavloviets’ creative career. Transparent and multi-layer, it is fully consistent with his perception of the world, requiring a precise eye and light artistic hand, and neither forgiving nor allowing corrections.

It must be noted that one of the most common motifs of the artist is that of the road. A solemn alley of some half-forgotten manor house, faint trail in the August field or lone set of footprints on the first snow – is this not an invitation to join the way home, and then to yourself?

The exhibition will run until April 23, 2018. We invite you to enjoy the lightful watercolors of Vyacheslav Pavloviets!

The exhibition is free of charge but you need a ticket to the Observation deck.

Contact us: (+375 17) 266 37 37, 293 28 23.

See also: The exhibition opening day.


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