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Mother Language To Be The People’s Heritage: 3-In-1 Exhibition

Mother Language To Be  The People’s Heritage: 3-In-1 Exhibition
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Gallery “Rakurs” (2nd floor)

The exhibition Colorful Ornaments of Native Languages will open on February 14th in the "Rakurs" gallery (2nd floor).

In our big world there are about seven thousand different languages. However, the average speed of reducing of the number of living languages is 1 language per two weeks. According to UNESCO, half of them can lose their last speakers in the near future. To protect endangered languages and preserve the diversity of cultures, the International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on February 21.

To celebrate this important date, the National Library of Belarus, together with the Belarusian public association of Ukrainians Vatra, the Minsk public association of Ukrainians Zapovit and the Society of Friendship of Peoples "Belarus - Ukraine" prepared a beautiful exhibition project. His idea is to show the wealth, beauty and uniqueness of the Belarusian and Ukrainian languages, their inseparable connection with folk art, emphasize the role of language in embroidery, painting and printed word.

The rushnyks embroidered by Ukrainian artisans, participants of many exhibitions, Elena Dudko, Marianna Zhukovskaya, Inna Mokh, Nadezhda Nimko, and others will be represented at the exhibition. The exposition will tell about the unique culture of the Ukrainian people in the language of ornament. Within the framework of the project a printed album about the Ukrainian embroidery in Belarus as a spiritual and cultural heritage Belarus was published.

The second part of the exhibition is represented by the picturesque works of the artist Elena Vasilieva, which reveal the colorfulness of the native nature and landscapes.

The third part of the exposition will contain book show-exhibition Native Language is the source of inspiration, which will represents about 40 editions devoted to the beauty of the native language.

We invite ethnographers, linguists, linguists, artists, connoisseurs of folk art, landscapes and picturesque lyrics amateurs to join the International Mother Language Day and visit the gallery "Rakurs" until February 21, 2018.

The closing date can be changed.

The exhibition opening will took place on February 14 at 16 o'clock.

For more info: (8 017) 266 37 37.

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