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The educator from Ostrozhsky family

temporary exhibition (February 28, 2008May 31, 2008)
The exhibition is dedicated to to the Memorial Day of Konstantin Ostrozhsky, the Great Duchy of Lithuania cultural worker and public figure, and the 430-th anniversary of the foundation of Ostrozhskaya printing-house.

Konstantin Ostrozhsky was descended from the one of the most famous aristocratic families of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. He is known as a remarkable public and religious figure, educator, and founder of the Orthodox school and printing-house.

At the exhibition “The educator from Ostrozhsky Family” are displayed materials published between the late ХIX-th century and the early ХХ-th century. Among them: publications dedicated to the history of Ostrozhsky family, incunabula in Cyrillic published by Ostrozhskaya and other Ukrainian printing-houses in the ХVI–XVIII-th centuries, and the Ostrozhskaya Bible published in 1581, the first Bible translated into Church Slavonic language.