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The Legend of Belarusian Bibliography


Temporary exposition (May 14, 2008 June 30, 2008)

There is a particular bond between Nina Vatatsy’s life and career and the history of the BSSR State Library. In 1930–1936 and 1945–1990 she worked in the Library as bibliographer. As the Library resumed its work Nina Vatatsy participated in the development of national literary bibliography. Nina Vatatsy is the author of fundamental bibliographies of particular publications of Belarusian fiction, Belarusian Soviet literary science, critique, and drama. She developed a series of personal indices and booklets on life and career of the eminent Belarusian writers: Y.Kupala, Y. Kolas, K. Chorny, K. Krapiva, M. Lynkov, P. Glebka, P. Trus, P. pestrak, I.Shamyakin, P. Panchenko, and others. Besides that, she was editor and compiler of collected stories.

Many years long Nina Vatatsy searched for unknown materials and facts concerned life and career of M. Bogdanovich, the eminent Belarusian poet. She is an author of several articles and books “Maxim’s Song” (1981) and “Roads” (1986) dedicated to the poet.

At the exhibition are displayed photos, materials and manuscripts from Nina Vatatsy’s personal archive and publications developed by the author. Among them – books with dedicatory inscription by K. Krapiva, Y. Solomevich, M. Barstok, N. Ermolovich, and other eminent writers.

Thank to Nina Vatatsy’s bibliographical skill and talent, diligence, and deep knowledge she became a legend of Belarusian bibliography.