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Azerbaijan, Belarus and world classics in a miniature book

The exhibition which displayed miniature publications from the collections of the Museum of a Miniature Book in Azerbaijan and National Library of Belarus was a joint project of the Library and the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to Azerbaijan.

Values from the Azerbaijan Museum of a Miniature Book were exhibited in Belarus for the first time. The private museum in Baku had been created by Zarifa Salakhova, the honored cultural worker of Azerbaijan. The collection of the museum totals more than 6500 items published in 64 countries.

More than 350 rarities of the museum issued in Azerbaijan, Japan, Germany, England, France, Russia, the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries were displayed at the exhibition. Japanese micro books sized 2х2 mm only were the most valuable.

National Library of Belarus has an interesting collection of miniature publications too. There are publications issued between the XVII and the XXI centuries. The collection contains miniature publications by the eminent Elseviers of the XVII century. At the exhibition were displayed items from the Library's stock including Belarusian books: three miniature publications issued in Belarusian cities Gomel (1930), Minsk (1932) and Baranovichi (1948) as well as the latter publications of works by Belarusian writers and poets A. Mickiewicz, Y. Kolas, Y. Kupala, M.Bogdanovich, V. Bykov, М. Tank, R. Borodulin, N. Gilevich, L. Dranko-Maysiuk and others, along with works by foreign classical authors.