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The Slutsk Gospel

temporary exhibition (the exposition is over)
From February 28, 2008, to March 23, 2008, in the Museum of a Book is displayed The Slutsk Gospel, a unique manuscript of the XVI-th century. This is one of Belarusian national Orthicons relics.

The Gospel was written in 1581 by Slutsk prince Yuri Olyelkovich. Before the Revolution (1917) the manuscript was kept in Svyato-Troitsky monastery in Slutsk. After the revolution (1917) the manuscript was handed to the Sate Historical Museum. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the manuscript taken out the Mogilev museum and disappeared without leaving a trace. The manuscript was considered lost for a long time. In 2003 during the 10th Minsk Diocesan Lecturing Filaret, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of Belarus, presented the Slutsk Gospel which had been saved by a miracle. The manuscript was handed to a priest of Minsk diocese by a parishioner. Today the monument is kept in the House Temple in honour of the Synod of Belarusian Saints.