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An International Roundtable on Modern Biblical Studies

An International Roundtable on Modern Biblical Studies
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An international scientific roundtable "Modern Biblical Studies" was held at the library, on October 16. The event was part of the exhibition project "Belarus and the Bible"


  • The National Library of Belarus,
  • The Manuscript Research Group (US),
  • Saints Methodius and Cyril Christian Educational Center,
  • The Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Doctrine at the Institute of Theology, Belarusian State University,
  • The Department of Biblical Studies at Saint Cyril of Turov Theological Academy in Minsk.

The event included the presentation of the collection of reports of the Fifth International East-West Symposium of New Testament Scholars (SNTS) on the evangelical image of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Church's tradition and Biblical studies, which was released in August 2018 by Belarusian State University under the joint program "Theology in Universities".

The roundtable moderators:

Priest Svyatoslav Ragalski, Candidate of Theology, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Doctrine, the Institute of Theology, Belarusian State University, and chairman of Saints Methodius and Cyril Christian Educational Center,

Alexander Susha, Candidate of Cultural Studies, Deputy Director for Research and Publishing of the National Library of Belarus.

The roundtable speakers:

Archimandrite Sergiy (Akimov), Doctor of Theology, Professor, rector of Minsk Theological Academy, head of the Department of Biblical Studies, the All-church postgraduate and doctoral studies,

Scott Carol, PhD, head of the Manuscripts Research Group (US) and researcher of ancient manuscripts,

Priest Jan Kremis, Doctor of Theology and chairman of the Department of Translation of Liturgical Texts and Official Documents of the Church, the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Belarus,

Natalia Geramimovich, head of the editorial and publishing office at Belarusian State University,

Priest Mikhil Samkov, Candidate of Theology and a  teacher at Minsk Theological Academy,

Andrey Pavlyuchik, Master of Theology and pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

An address was read on behalf of Karl Wilhelm Niebuhr, Professor at the University of Jena (Germany) and President of the East European Commission of New Testament Scholars.

Maria Molochko and Anna Maria Kazeka, the eleventh grade students at gymnasium № 11 in Minsk, presented an essay "The Bible in My Life."

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