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Within the framework of the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia, the National Library of Belarus prepared a book exhibition “The Orthodox Word”.

At the exhibition are displayed publications of the XIX-th – beginning of the XXI-th centuries (about 300 materials) that reveal the meaning f religion as a social phenomenon and origins and expansion of Orthodoxy in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

In the first division of the exposition “The history of orthodox Church” are displayed rare and valuable publications of the XIX-th — the middle of the XX-th centuries from the NLB’s collections published in St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl, Kiev, Kharkov, Chernigov, Vilno, Minsk, and other cities by university, private and public printing-houses.There are displayed as well materials on the history of Moscow Patriarchate, Moscow Theological Academy, Kiev Patriarchate, Kiev Theological Academy, Volyn Theological Academy, and other educational institutions of that epoch; biographies of ecclesiastics; archival materials; архивные документы; documents of eparchies; works on the activity of Russian Orthodoxmissions; historical descriptions of temples; guidebooks on sanctuaries; “lessons on truth of the belief, life and godliness”;“descriptions of church plate stored in a museum”, collected works on monuments of the history of Russian church law (1912); “words, speeches, and messages” ofecclesiastics, and others.

The second division includes the following sections:

  • General section;
  • Orthodox way;
  • Power and belief;
  • Orthodox sacral objects and places of Russia;
  • Lessons of word and life;
  • Orthodoxy in the culture of Russia.

In the general section are displayed works on significant events n the history of Russian Orthodoxy and philosophy of Orthodox Church: “Essays on the history of Russian Church” by the eminent historian of church and theologian A.V. Kartashev (1875 — 1960); “Guide on Russian church history”, “Theological schools in Russia before the reform of 1808” by P.V.Znamensky (1834 — 1917), th eprofessor of Kazan Theological Academy, scientific works and articles on the development of church andhistorical sciences in Russia “Great in the Small” by A.P. Lebedev (1845 — 1908),professor of Moscow Theological Academy, the honored professor of Moscow University.

The section “Orthodox way “ includes a unique materials and memoirs of ecclesiastics. The history of the expansion of Orthodoxy by the example of lives, works and deeds of missioners, from the Baptism of Russia in 988 to today is reveled in “Bibliographic dictionary of Russian Orthodox Church missioners” (2004). There are displayed as well materials on the history of charitable organizations in Russia; books dedicated to Kiev prince Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia; scientific works on the development of Christianity in Russia, and mysteries of the Baptism. There are collected works on the history of Ukrainian Orthodox Church: materials on Kiev Mogilyan Akademy, mysteries of Kiev Perchersk Lavra, and hagiographies and deeds of saint of the most eminent Ukrainian monastery.

Power and belief” contains materials analyzing historical, cultural, and political angles of interaction of the state and religious communities in antiquity, Byzantium, Russian Empire, and the USSR.

In the section "Orthodox sacral objects and places of Russia" are displayed materials containing factual information on the biggest Orthodox temples in Russia, their cultural and historical significance and peculiarities of their architecture. There is revealed a peculiar world of museum temples and museum monasteries.

The section "Lessons of word and life" includes biographies of Russian Orthodox devotees and saints: princes collectors and keepers, Russian ecclesiastics founders and priors of Russian monasteries and monks who dedicated their lives to the God service. There is presented as well a scientific essay on Russian monumental science of a Cross by A.V. Svyatoslavsky and A.A.Troshin “Cross in Russian culture” (2005).

The section "Orthodoxy in the culture of Russia" is displayed Russian classical poetry of the X-th — XX-th centuries in the context of Orthodox culture. Collected works «Treasure of Russian spiritual music: works by Russian composers for mixed choir a capella” (2000) are a short chronicles of Orthodox spiritual music from Bortnyansky and Glinka to Stravinsky and Sviridov. There is as well a large list of vinyl disks and CD from the NLB’s collections.

The exhibition is open from October 20, 2008 to November 30, 2008. The exhibition is located in the circular passage on the third floor.

Contact: +375 17 293-28-86.


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