Through the sufferings to the happiness


The exhibition “Through the sufferings to the happiness”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary from the date of the birth of Ales Mahnach (1922–2001), a play writer, pose-writer, publicist, will be held in the Belarussian literature room (No 205) from August 17th to September29th.

Book exhibitions

To the 85th anniversary from the birth date of a veteran of the National library of Belarus Tamara Egorovna Piseckaya


Tamara Egorovna was born in 1937 in the village Vasylievka, Kruglyansk region, Mogilev district, in the family of farmers. She finished seven-form school in 1951 and had moved in to Chelyabinsk (Russia) three years after. A young Tamara has worked as an iron and steel founding worker there and then as a time-keeper in the turbine workshop of the Chelyabinsk heat and power station.

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