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The book’s anniversary year

Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) is the known English writer, poet, novelist and the Nobel Prize winner for literature (1907). The year 2015 marks his 150th birthday anniversary.

The offered exhibition presents rare editions of the author’s best collections: The Book of the Jungle and The Second Book of the Jungle (the late 19th – the early 20th centuries). The first edition of The Second Book of the Jungle published in the author’s lifetime (London, 1895) is the most interesting. The binding, headbands and ending letters are designed by the writer’s father J.L. Kipling, the talented artist, sculptor and decorator. The most part of page illustrations are created by American artists W.H. Drake and P. Frenzeny.

The exposition also features the Paris editions of both books which appeared in the early 20th century. The books are translated into the French language by L. Fabulet and R. d’Humières (the best known French translation of Rudyard Kipling’s work), illustrated with color pictures by painter H. Deluermoz and black and white drawings by artist-animalist R. Reboussin.

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