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The hand-written Gospel of Mark. The ХХІ century

From May 19th, the exhibition dedicated to the unique calligraphic book wit etchings The Gospel of Mark by artist from St.-Petersburg Apollinaria Mishina runs in the Book Museum (room 348).

The Gospel of Mark, one of the four canon Gospels, is considered as the earliest biography of Jesus Christ and the most significant book of the New Testament.

The offered exhibition presents the calligraphic book and single pages with original texts and illustrations. The Gospel is in the Synod’s translation; texts are hand-written and placed in parallel in the Church Slavonic and the Russian languages. Illustrations are in the techniques of color etching. This art project reflects an inseparable connection between verbal and graphic lines – images are created from the text, and figures are laid out with letters.

The hand-made book is reprinted by the publishing house Vita Nova (St.-Petersburg). Etching are illuminated with gold leafs. The hand-written part is performed in specially developed font on the basis of Half-Ustav with a strong inclination to the left and long remote elements.

The exposition is arranged by the gallery Knizhny salon within the bounds of the ART-BOOK.

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