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Newspaper Muzhytskaya prauda

Muzhytskaya prauda (Mużyckaia praūda) is the first Belarusian-illegal newspaper. It was printed in Latin. From 1862 to 1863 K. Kalinovsky with F. Ryazhensky, S. Sangin, V. Vrublevsky published this newspaper in Grodno.

There were seven numbers: № 1–6 (July–December, 1862), № 7 (June, 1863). The newspaper was distributed in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and in the north-western regions of Russia.

Every number was signed under a pseudonym "Yaska is a man from Vіlno" and was devoted to a specific topic. Publications differed by acute social awareness-campaign orientation. Articles were made as conversations; their content was similar to the Russian literature of that time and had revolutionary-democratic direction. These editions were focused mostly on issues of land and freedom, political and socio-economical inequality, national independence.

The last number had been already published in the rebellion. It contains an appeal to a general armed struggle for a better life. The language of texts in the newspaper Muzhytskay prauda is deeply national, emotional, and full of folk symbols, literary epithets, metaphors, similes; it includes the sources of journalistic genre which began to develop in the new Belarusian literature.

The National Library of Belarus kept three numbers of the newspaper Muzhytskaya prauda (№ 3, 6, 7).

The exhibition will last untill 31 December.

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