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My Ancestors’ Land. Boris Sachenko…

The exhibition “My Ancestors’ Land. Boris Sachenko…” timed to the 75th birthday of the outstanding prose writer.

The event organizers – the National Library of Belarus and the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature.

Boris Sachenko was born on 15 May, 1936, in the village Vyaliki Bor, Khoyniki District, Gomel Region. At the age of seven he and his father were forced to move to Germany. After his return to the Motherland, Boris Sachenko went to Khoyniki secondary school № 1, then he graduated from Belarusian State University combining his studies with work at the humoristic magazine “Vozhyk”. For many years he had been worked at the literary magazine “Polymya”. In 1976–1986 he was a secretary at the Belarusian Union of Writers. His last years he dedicated to publishing activities heading the editorial office at the publishing house “Mastatskaya Litaratuta”, then working as an editor-in-chief at the publishing house “Belaruskaya Encyclapedyja”. Boris Sachenko’s first short story “Plyn” (“The Flow”) appeared in 1956 in the literary magazine “Maladost”.

The prolific author’s literary heritage is notable for a variety of themes. He wrote about the Great Patriotic War, countryfolk and his native Polessye.

Boris Sachenko’s best works are “Darogi” (“The Paths”), “Aksana”, “Pamyac” (“Memory”), “Try Apovesti” (“Three Stories”), “Vauchytsa z Chortavaj Yamy” (“She-Wolf from the Devil’s Pit”), “Gorkaya Radast Vyartannya” (“The Bitter Joy of the Return”), “Vechny Krugazvarot” (“The Constant Flow of Life”), “Rodny Kut” (“The Native Land”), the novel “Chuzhoye Neba” (“The Foreign Sky”), the trilogy “Vyaliki Les” (“The Great Wood”). Boris Sachenko is also the prolific translator and the author of children’s books, satirical and humoristic works and critical essays.

Two orders “The Sign of Honor”, Francisk Skaryna Medal and I. Melezh Literary Prize of the Belarusian Union of Writers were awarded to Boris Sachenko’s for his brilliant contribution to literature and his active public work.

The literary-documentary exhibition “My Ancestors’ Land. Boris Sachenko…” reveals the multiple talents of the outstanding prose writer. The exposition includes the rare sources that his daughter Svetlana presented as a gift to the museum. The rare manuscripts, documents, photographs, books, souvenirs and other property from the writer’s archive are first on display.