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At the Top of Life and Literature: to the 120th Anniversary of Uladzimir Dubouka

At the Top of Life and Literature: to the 120th Anniversary of Uladzimir Dubouka
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We are introducing a new section of the virtual project “On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life”, organized by the National Library of Belarus, the State Museum of the History of the Belarusian Literature, the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art and the “Maladost” journal on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the literary association “Maladnyak”.

Uladzimir Dubouka (1900 or 1901–1976) was one of the leading Belarusian writers, translators, literary critics and linguists, who was forced to live far from his homeland for most of his life. However, he remained an active participant in the Belarusian literary process, was a member of the literary associations "Maladnyak" and "Uzvyshsha".

He made a valuable contribution to the treasury of national culture due to his talent and poetry. He enriched the Belarusian literature with vivid poetic images.

“Dubouka was one of the top Belarusian poets of the post-October period due to the depth of emotions, thought and artistic perfection in his lyrical and short poems.”
Maksim Haretski

Many literary scholars of the beginning of the 21st century started to take interest in the personality of a Belarusian writer. They have devoted scientific studies, fiction books to him, and filmed a number of documentaries. The main section of the virtual project about the life and work of U. Dubouka was prepared by Ms Irina Bogdanovich, poetess, candidate of philological sciences, one of the first who turned to the study of the personality of the author.

On the project page, you can look through the poet's books, his translations, numerous collections of poetry. The full texts of 7 books by U. Dubouka have been posted. Among them are “Stroma” (1923), “Where Cypresses Grow” (1925), “The Reed” (1925), “Credo” (1926), “Latin or Cyrillic Alphabet: On Occasion of the Alphabet Reforms" (1929) and others. Please, expect the publication of the full text of the latest edition by the author – Collected Works in 2 volumes (2017, Minsk), prepared by the researcher of the U. Dubouka's pieces D. Davidovsky with the participation of scientists I. Bogdanovich and V. Zhibul.

A separate collection of documents is devoted to literary studies of the author’s work, which was thoroughly discussed in the books by D. Bugaev, A. Sevyarynets, A. Martinovich, I. Zayats. Almost 30 articles by researchers who studied the poet’s personality, including I. Bogdanovich, D. Davidovsky, O. Danilchik, V. Dranko-Maysyuk, V. Zhibul, A. Sevyarynets, L. Silnova are available for the readers in open access.

Elena Kim, Uladzimir Dubouka, Alesya Babareko. Zhukovka, 1969 From the funds of Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art

Besides, there are materials about honouring the memory and embodying the image of U. Dubouka in art. Thanks to U. Dubouka Postavy Children's Library, the section was enriched with illustrative material, the documentary film “I Pray for Belarus in Songs”, dedicated to the personality of the writer.

A memorial plate in honour of the writer on the facade of the U. Dubouka Postavy Children's Library.

Portrait of the Writer U. Dubouka. 1973 Artist Ninel Schastnaya. From the book: Prokoptsov, V.I. Ninel Schastnaya. Minsk: Belarus, 1984.

You can learn more about the virtual project dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Uladzimir Dubouka from the presentation prepared for the opening of the section on the poet.

Those who are interested in the history of the Belarusian literature will be interested in the mystical detective “Uladzіmіr Dubouka's Chorny Chalavek ” (2019) from the series of historical documentaries “Labirynth”, placed as part of a section with the permission of the lead project V. Dranko-Maysyuk:

We invite you to get acquainted with the project on the Russian and Belarusian pages of the Internet portal of the National Library of Belarus!

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14 Aug 2020

The National Library continues the charity action “About Belarus to Belarusians Abroad”. The purpose of the event is to promote the knowledge about Belarus, to popularize information resources reflecting the wealth of the country's historical, cultural and natural heritage, as well as to expand information interaction with associations of the Belarusian diaspora in foreign countries.

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10 Aug 2020

Children’s Room held “Sun Fruits” master-class on August 8. The kids learned how to make colorful and juicy fruits in the single-glass window plasticine graphic technique.

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