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New technology for electronic archives development

New technology for electronic archives development
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On February 19th, the National Library of Belarus hosted a presentation “New technology and out-of-the-box solution for electronic archives development”.

Representatives of the Finnish company Planix (general manager Harri Laitinen, business-manager to Belarus Victoria Gubanova), employees of the National Library of Belarus and representatives of scientific and public libraries of Belarus took part in the event.

20 years long Planix cooperates with major public and private Finnish companies as electronic archives developer and official provider of professional scanning equipment.

The technology of electronic archiving in the National Archive, the National Museum and other municipal services of Finland was presented at the event.

Representatives of the company Planix showed the digitization process on wide format canner Contex and told about the opportunities of operating with crumpled, dirty and shabby documents. Book2net Spirit, one of the fastest color book scanners in the world (page size А3+), and Book2net V-Scan Cobra 110° for fast digitizing of books, newspapers and journals (page size А1) were especially intenerating to library specialists.

After the presentation the Finnish guests got familiarized with the National Library’s experience in the field of digitization of book collections.

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