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Living memory of the heroism of the people: literary and educational event "Lines of Memory"

Living memory of the heroism of the people: literary and educational event "Lines of Memory"
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On May 5, on the eve of the landmark holiday – Victory Day, a literary and educational event "Lines of Memory" was held at the National Library, within the framework of which the book exhibition "The Great Patriotic War in Works of Fiction" was solemnly opened.

Belarus has experienced many devastating wars in different periods of its history. The Great Patriotic War became especially bloody. A great role in the accuracy of describing the events of the war years was played by the apt, uplifting, inspiring word of writers and poets. It was they, the direct participants in the hostilities, who brought to the modern generation the history of human destinies and the actions of people on whom life sometimes depended. The writers of the wartime hard times truthfully described in their works the atmosphere of the front, the partisan movement, the difficulties of camp life and life in the rear, strong soldier's friendship, real heroism. But the main theme of works about the war was the defense of the Motherland.

The event was opened by the Director General of the National Library of Belarus Roman Motulsky, noting that last year the National Library, in order to popularize materials about the Great Patriotic War and preserve the historical memory of the victory of the people, held a large number of events and implemented many projects, including international ones. The speeches of the distinguished guests: Director of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Demenyuk, leading researcher of the Department of Belarusian Literature of the 20–21 centuries, helped to mark the invaluable contribution, heroism and fearlessness of writers and poets-front-line soldiers, to express respect and gratitude to them. Institute of Literary Studies named after Yanka Kupala, Center for the Study of Belarusian Culture, Language and Literature Anatoly Trofimchik, Chairman of the Minsk City Branch of the Union of Writers of Belarus Mikhail Pozdnyakov.

Together with the National Archives, the National Library has prepared a book exposition "The Great Patriotic War in Works of Fiction", which presents publications and archival materials of the war and post-war times, among them are the works of front-line writers Yakub Kolas, Kuzma Chorny, Mikhas Lynkov, Ivan Shamyakin, Ivan Melezh, Yanka Bryl, Vasil Bykov and others in various genres of prose, such as stories, pamphlets, stories, novels, publicistic articles. The flowering of the creative skills of famous poets Kondrat Krapiva, Arkady Kuleshov, Petrus Brovka, Petr Glebka, Maksim Tank, Pimen Panchenko, Vasil Vitka, Anatoly Velyugin, Nikolai Surnachev, Anatoly Astreiko, Anton Belevich are reflected in the collections presented at the exhibition. One of the interesting exhibits is a general collection of poetry published in 1949 with autographs of the above-mentioned writers.

For all those present during the event, Nikita Zalevsky performed the "May Waltz" to the words of the front-line poet, artilleryman Mikhail Goldman (Ash).

The literary heritage of writers and poets-front-line soldiers will always be for us a living memory of the heroism of the people in the terrible time of the Great Patriotic War.

You can get acquainted with the book exhibition "The Great Patriotic War in Works of Fiction" dedicated to the works of Belarusian authors – participants in the military events until May 31 in the circular corridor of the 2nd floor.

The date of the end of the exposition can be changed.
Entrance with a library card or a ticket for a socio-cultural center.

Telephone for inquiries: (+375 17) 293 28 81.

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