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Engraving for children: a creative lesson

Engraving for children: a creative lesson
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The library hosted a creative lesson for children dedicated to engraving. The participants clearly got acquainted with this kind of art at the exhibitions "Recreated Masterpiece" and "ILLUSTRATIO. Variety of illustration techniques".

In a lesson at the book museum, children learned that engraving requires more than the visual talent of an artist. In addition to a thoughtful idea, a verified composition when making a drawing, you need applied skills in creating engraving forms, knowledge of technology and skills in working with a printing press.

Young visitors had the opportunity to see old printed books with engravings, modern illustrated editions, an engraving board of the 17th century, gravers, chisels, an etching machine, etc. Thanks to the exhibits of the exhibitions, the children were convinced that the work of an engraving artist is phased and requires high skill. First, the artist draws on a hard surface, then with special devices he carves each line. Drawing on a board is not easy to create, as it mirrors the print. When the base is ready, a special paint is applied to the volumetric drawing and the image in the form of a print is transferred to the surface. The print of the engraving is done using a printing plate called a board. The board can be either wood or other materials, such as metal or linoleum.

The first engravings in Belarusian book printing were placed in the editions of Francysk Skaryna: more than 50 woodcuts, more than 500 headpieces and 900 initials.

The participants tried to make prints from wooden boards with the image of Skorin's sign "Sun and Month" and the initials and headpieces from his books.

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