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A Chance to Touch a Fairy-Tale

A Chance to Touch a Fairy-Tale
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A pilot excursion with the elements of theatrical performance was held at the National Library on April 1. The students of Minsk Secondary School No. 121 who came to the Library met with tour guides and real theatre puppets.

The children watched a play about conduct at the library and joined the performance as actors themselves. The schoolers studied the puppets and learned how they had been created. They shook hands with a puppet boy and tried to control them.

A book exhibition about puppets and dolls was prepared for the children from the collections of the National Library.

The children liked the new tour style where they were not only listeners but active participants and could express themselves.


We also invite you to the tours to the National Library!

For more info: (+375 17) 293 29 66, 293 28 53.

Excursion and Methodology Work Department


The Art of Sorting: How to Organize your Bookshelves and Stay Sane

8 Apr 2021

Take a look at your bookshelf. Closer. What does it remind you of? An uneven row of books of all sizes and colours? Perfectly even row, where everything is arranged exactly in alphabetical order? Chaotically volumes thrown on each other mixed with postcards and magazine inserts? Whatever is in your bookcase, you've probably thought about sorting it at least once. Home libraries always look flawless in photographs and in movies – if only it were like this at home! It's time to dust off the spines and learn about ways to tidy up your bookshelves. And to figure out how the National Library is doing it.

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