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Lection “Church Historian Aliaksej Sapunou”

Lection “Church Historian Aliaksej Sapunou”
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An open lectionChurch Historian Aliaksej Sapunougiven by Ms Valiantsina Tsiaplova, Candidate of History Sciences, was held in the Library on April 2.

The event took place as part of the exhibition “The Champion of Belarusian Past”, timed to coincide with the 170th anniversary of Aliaksej Sapunou, historian and archaeographer.

The lector touched upon the research activity of the Vitsiebsk scientist of the church history of our land. Ms Tsiaplova talked about an immense role Aliaksej Sapunou played in the study of Orthodox Church in the Vitsiebsk and Polack history. She analyzed the scientist’s publications and defined the most explored topics. She stressed the value of his scientific pieces for local history, highlighted his “Short Essay on the Polack Eparchy Fates from the Ancient Times to the First Half of the 19th Century” (“Vitsiebskaja Staryna”), “The Fate of Orthodox Church in the Polack Eparchy”, “The Triumph of the Orthodox Church”, etc.

Professor Tsiaplova noted that hard work of Sapunou is a perfect example how the study of the history of church, its saints and relics should be conducted.

Students of the Minsk Ecclesiastical Academy as well as people interested in the topic who joined the YouTube broadcast attended the lecture.

You can watch the broadcast here.

The participants of the event checked out the display of the exhibition “The Champion of Belarusian Past” that you can visit at the Book Museum until May 2, 2021.

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