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Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the veteran National Library, Valentina Ermishkina

Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the veteran National Library, Valentina Ermishkina
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Valentina Samuilovna was born in Minsk. Her career in the State Library of the BSSR named after V.I. Lenin (now the National Library of Belarus) began in August 1963, when the girl, after graduating from high school number 46, was hired as a secretary-typist.

Neer the Library (1965)

Three years later, she was transferred to the position of junior librarian in the recruiting department, to which Valentina devoted more than 50 years of her professional activity.


Her professional responsibilities included the current acquisition of the collections, the inventory, the selection of order cards for the books received in the library, processing cash on delivery, maintaining the collection and processing of abstracts, filing cabinets for them.


She was transferred to the position of senior librarian in 1981 and leading librarian in 1991 due to the many years of impeccable of her work, her desire to improve the technology of work on her site.

Valentina Ermishkina promptly and efficiently carried out the reception, primary accounting and delivery for registration of obligatory free copies of publications coming to the National Library of Belarus (NLB) from several hundred printing enterprises of the country.


Thanks to her high professionalism, fruitful cooperation of the library with the National Book Chamber of Belarus, numerous editorial offices of domestic newspapers and magazines on the issues of eliminating gaps in the flow of a free obligatory copy was established.    


Valentina Ermishkina started her career in the storage department of magazines and continuing publications in 2015.

...Her personal contribution in organizing the proper accounting of the movement of the library fund is the so-called "Key to inventory books", which has more than 20 volumes ... Valentina Ermishkina is distinguished by exceptional efficiency, conscientiousness, responsibility for the results of work performed, high internal culture, benevolence, tact. She enjoys well-deserved respect and authority in the library staff ...”, - this is how Valentina Mironchik, the Head of the Storage Department for Magazines and Continuing Publications, characterized her work.

Her merits and her years of conscientious work, personal contribution to the development of the NLB document collections were noted by the management: she was awarded the title "Best in Profession" (1980s), awarded the Certificate of Honor of the National Library of Belarus (2006). In 2013 Valentina Ermishkina was awarded the title "Best in Profession" in the nomination "For Loyalty and Devotion to the Profession" of the professional skills competition among the NLB employees.

Labor biography of Valentina Ermishkina is closely associated with public work: for more than twenty years she served as Chairman of the Primary Cell of the Red Cross, for a long time was the Trade Union Leader of the Recruiting Department.


At present, Valentina Ermishkina continues her career in the Section of Storage of the Newspaper Collections of the Special Collections Storage Department.

Responsible, hardworking, friendly, benevolent and sincere, she enjoys great respect and well-deserved authority among her colleagues.



The staff of the National Library of Belarus wholeheartedly congratulates Valentina Ermishkina on her anniversary!!! Good health for many years, only positive emotions and immense happiness! May your every day be filled with joy and light, the house will be a full bowl and peace and prosperity always reign in it!

Library Science Research Department

The publication uses photos from the personal archive of S. Bazyleva-Lanko


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