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When the smoke clear away: the problems of smoking

When the smoke clear away: the problems of smoking
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From May 11tg to July 30th, a thematic book exhibition “When the smoke clear away” runs in the Periodicals reading room (auditorium 106).

The topicality of the exhibition is caused by the fact that smoking remains one of the global problems of present day, the cause of numerous illnesses and premature deaths. Having entered to ordinary life, it is regarded as a quite ordinary event, not drawing attention. And only medical data testify that smoking promptly extends among all social groups and various ages, and every year grows not only the quantity of smokers, but also the amount of diseases connected with smoking.

The offered exhibition presents publications about smoking as a problem of medicine; smoking and young adults, prevention of smoking among adolescents, smoking as a social problem etc.

About 40 publications from newspapers and magazines are on display.

Contact telephone: (+375 17) 293 25 87.


14 Aug 2020

The National Library continues the charity action “About Belarus to Belarusians Abroad”. The purpose of the event is to promote the knowledge about Belarus, to popularize information resources reflecting the wealth of the country's historical, cultural and natural heritage, as well as to expand information interaction with associations of the Belarusian diaspora in foreign countries.

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Sun Fruits

10 Aug 2020

Children’s Room held “Sun Fruits” master-class on August 8. The kids learned how to make colorful and juicy fruits in the single-glass window plasticine graphic technique.

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